Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Saturday The 17th Of Jan

This Gonna Be A Long Post Guys. For Sure Sampai Patah Mematah Ni Kuku Jari Ku Menaip. Semua Ani Adalah Untuk Keseronokkan Kamu Membaca Blogku. See See See Baiktah Kamu Sponsor Aku Kawin Sorg $500 Jadi Tah. Udah Ku Beranak Kang Anakku Namanya Nama Kamu. Amacam?

Muka Ngantuk Muka Ngalih Muka Adui Maaa. Tapi Bergambar Selalu Dijaga Kacak Atu Nyahaahaha The Narsis Has To Be Shown Through. 

Alright Alright Time To Break The News To All My Group Chat. I Do Have To Admit It Jua Lah. Yang Ada Select Yang Awal Tau. Bukan Kan Memilih Bulu Or Apa. Satu Pasal Andang Rekues And My Gf At The Time Secondly I Want It As A Surprise Haha. Plus Its Only Tunang. Udah Nikah And Sanding Baru Ku Awal Gtau Everyone. Goodness Me Now That I Talk About This I Need To Salin Nama Semua Orang Lagi Ni Ah.

Boy I Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do Once The News Broke Hahahaha Sabo Je Laa.

Informed The Boss On Thursday That I'll Be Having My Day Off On Monday And Minta Kebenaran Keluar On Saturday Afternoon. I Still Remember Her Face Broke Into A Smile When I Told Her Aku Bertunang On Sunday Hahaha. So Lunch Time That Saturday Off To Bandar And Fetched Up My Gf At Her Home For A Few Errands.

But First We Stopped By At Traders Cafe For Lunch Time. Lapar La. Haven't Had Anything From Morning. So Biasaklah Fevret Gue.

Serious Jua. Anti Social Eee Hahahaha. Most Of Our Conversation These Days Are On Preparation On Our Engagement Then Trying To Figure What Colour Should We Be Wearing For Our Wedding.

Next Up We Went To Mr Baker At Batu Bersurat To Pick Up Our Cake. Owh Before That We Went For Roses Hunt. Hehe.

By This Time Both of Us Were Super Tired. Boy How Both Of Us Wanted To Have A Nap. Then Our Cake Arrived. Owh Btw I Posted This Photo On My IG. Kali My Cousins Pun Still Sasak Pasal I Haven't Posted A Full Photo Of Her Hahaha.

Tadaa And Our Cake Arrived Simple Berabis The Design. And The Look Of My Girlfriend's Face Checking Out Her Cake Was Priceless Hahaha.

Actually Ya Nampak Plang Aku Snapped ANi. But Still Aku Esen Esen And Share With Her Later On. Sayang Banar Ya Kan Cakenya Atu. Here Was Us On Our Way To Her House. Dropping Her Off Before Balik Kb.

Heading Back To Kb And Well Safety First I Supposed Hahaha.

Kinda Lively That Night. My Tua's Families Makan Di Umah. Siuk Jua Lah. Heheh Riuh Jua Umah Leh Anak Buah. This Part Durang Concentrate Meliat Cerita Hollow Man.

Rais The Handsome Boy Pun Ada Jua. Hhehe Bila Udah Org Sunyi. Gauk Tia Hahaha Standard.

This Was A Hard Job. Trying To Figure Out How To Fold This Box For My Gf's Cake. I Was Struggling. 

Then I Asked My Sister Nurul To Assist Me. The Top Bit Prove To Be A Hard Puzzle To Solve.

When You Can Follow The Instruction Then You Just Have To Cheat. Well TBH There Is No Instruction To Begin With. So Just Double Sided Tape Here And There Then Fold Here And There And Job Done. Still Works! 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Big Day Post Coming Up Soon. Gonna Be A Two Part Specials"

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