Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday 3/1/2016

Since Friday And Saturday Was Basically A Non Eventful Day. So Lets Just Skip It Sajalah Ah. Plus Honestly Aku Pun Inda Ingat Banar Apa Yang Ku Buat On Those Few Days. Most Probably Berkurukui Kali!

First Thing Is To Go For A Morning Jog. Haven't Been Quite Active With Running. Seminggu Sekali Tah Nganya All This So I Told Myself I Need To Jog At Least 2-3 Times A Week. I Can't Be A Lazy Bum Anymore.

Lain Rasanya Mo Bila Membuat Surat Jemputan Ani. Banar Banar Terasa Degupan Atu. Rabbi Yasir Wala tu Asir Ya Kareem. Semoga Dipermudahkan Segala-galanya.

Actually Baru Ku Ingat. Aku Cuci Kereta On Saturday. Kali Aku Found This. Damn! Tahi Burung. Aku Overlooked! Baie Mental Ku Taus. The Bad Thing About Bird Dropping Is That It Is So Highly Acidic. Kalau Lambat Dibersihkan. I Will Eat Up Your Clear Coat And Paint! Fuck Me!

I Was Craving For Trader's Inn Cafe Wantan Hor. So Since Its A Sunday Biasaklah Ngedate Time With My Gf. Brought Her There. I'm So Happy. Not Much To Do So We Just Went For A Drive. Chit Chat Chit Chat Along The Way. Then Sent Her Home. Biasaklah Standard Ngedate Hehe.

Arrived At Her Home Then My Gf's Father Asked Me If I Can Accompany Him To The Shop Kan Beli Barang Ya Sekajap. After That He Said. Wang Dangani Ku Minum Kajap. So Yeah Why Not. I Always Have A Feeling That He Would Bring Out For A Man To Man Session. 

Texted My Girlfriend. Told Her Jokingly Naik Point Ku Ni Keluar Minum With Your Dad. Haa Haa Haa. Though For That It Was Really A Heart Warming Experience. One Of Those Important Moment In My Life Lah Tu Ah. And In Shaa Allah. Whatever Advices And Promises Made In Shaa Allah Akan Ku Jaga.

Biasalah Tu Ah. Standard Operation Kalau Ku Lepak Or Keraja Or Ngedate. I Will Take Time To Pit Stop And Have A Moment With Allah Subhanallah Taala Di Masjid. If I'm Lucky Bertamu Masuk Waktu Dapat Jemaah Sekaligus. If Not Pun Still Its One Of The Precious Time Of The Day.

Bukannya Kan Riak Or Anything But Its Just Me. I Like To Give Myself A Few Moment Alone Where I Could Thank Allah Or Mengadu Kepadanya. Yes Of Course Di Rumah Pun Boleh But Bezanya Di Umah. Masih Lagi Kedengaran Riuh Rendah Your Family Member While In Masjid. Kekadang Dalamnya Sunyi So Khusyuk Itu Lebih Kuat. 

Arrived Home And I Was Starving. Well When I Had Wantan Hor That Was My First Meal Of The Day. Then I Thought Malas Tah Ku Jua Kan Makan Heavy Heavy. Saw My Dad Snacking Oranges. Join Sekaki Lah sambil Tengok Tv. And There Goes My Long Weekend.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Oranges Are Delicious Especially When You're Starving"

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