Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Friday The 15th Of Jan

Went For Not So Early Morning Run Haiyaaaa Almost 2 Km. Padantah My Stitch Level Was Epic And I Have To Admit It On The Last Leg Aku Walk Saja Because I Was Beaten. So Next Time In Shaa Allah We Try To Hit The 2 KM Mark.

Arrived Home Then These Guys Memasang Camp Untuk Sunday's Event. Hehe

Ptg Atu Ada Engagement Sikit. Going To Bandar Attending Jirul's Function.

Simple Saja Since Nya C Jirul Nda Ramai Ya Manggil. Nya C Jirul Membaca Doa Selamat Saja. Nya C Jirul Okay Tu. Kali Tau Tau Bukan Saja Doa Selamat. Org Berdikir. Awu Diri Berpakaian Nda Bersinjang. Bolehhhhhhhhh!

I Havent Seen Them For Ages. So Its Good To Finally See Them. Ada Lagi A Few Yang Batah Ku Nda Jumpa. Owh I Also Broke The News To A Few Of Them Hehe.

That Blue Spiral Staircase That I Really Want To Take A Photo Or A Few With Haha. We Have Finally Met!

Then I Took A Few With The Spiral Staircase. One With RL's Mum. And One With RL.

Then I Took One With The House Owner. Meniru Caranya Senyum Nyahahaha.

And Then Another One With Mrs Wyvern Ash. Konon Comel Bergambar Arah Ujung Ujung Tabir Hahahaha.

Then The Few That Was Shared In Our Chat Group In Whatsapp. 

And Then A Few More When We're Leaving Jirul's House. Some Said Jalan Ku Lating. While A Lot More Think That Is The Sexiest Way To Walk. And The Rest Of The World Should Follow Suit. Hehe

Arrived In Kb And Was Greeted With An Epic Sunset. KB's Sunset. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
"I Got Lazy Today!"

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