Friday, January 15, 2016

Monday The 11th Of Dec

So Finally A New Week. As I Said In My Previous Entry This Gonna Be One Of Biggest Week In My Life.

Started With This Photo Lah Aa. Narsis Sekajap Hahaha. Okay I Was Actually Gutted Pasal Our Minister Site Visit Kana Cancel. I Don't Know Why But I Actually Looking Forward To It. I Already Identified A Few Companies Eh Salah. A Few SMEs Yang Bagus Untuk Dilawat. Yang Dimata Ku Durg Ani Really Sincere With Their Business Nganya Lack Of Exposure. So Maybe Opening Up A Chance For Them To Actually Talk To The Minister. Sharing Ideas, Showing Their Concern And Such Can Help Them Expand Their Business. Sigh!

It Felt Like All Those Hardworks Point Fruitless Nganya Aku Tau Plang Its Not Really Cancel But At This Moment Its Just Postpone. When Well Its Just TBC At The Mo.

Secondly KB Site Are Experiencing A Few Kerosakkan And We Did Sudah Make The Report But Biasalah Will All This Budget Cut It Have To Wait. So Bila Ya Melawat Bilanya Kang Berteriak At Least We Can Tell Him. Sediakn Budget We Will Get It Fix. 

Bukannya Kan Taiming Or Konpiden But I Prefer Ya Jadi Melawat. And Then He Can See It For Himself We Really Need To Take Care Of This Area. Pasalnya Its A Gold Mine Bah. Tapi Kalau Maintenance Wise Nda Berapa Terjaga Membari Hawar Saja. Oil & Gas Producing Country But Industrial Site Nda Berapa Terjaga. Bukannya Nada Budget Atu. Ada We Just Have To Be Very Clever With Using It. All We Do This Days Is Identifying Which Problems Needs Urgent Addressing And Which Are Not. In Short If Its Urgent Then It Will Be Handled Straight Away.

Rant End!

When My Girlfriend Asked Udah Breakkie. I Shared With Her Gambar Galas Kopi Suam Ah. Yth Nganya Breakfast Ku For The Day. Sibuk Jua Hari ATu Pebaik Site Visit Nda Jadi. A Few Officers Bebalik Balik Me Msg Kediaku. And Then At The Same Time Jua I Had A Few Appoinments With Contractors. Actually Aku Post The Appoinments To Tuesday Expecting The Site Visit. Sekali Udah Cancel Atu. Tarus Ku Kol Them Up. And Said Bah See Me Now! Now! Now! Hahaha.

Okay Selasai Atu. I Went To Mum's Bakery. Getting A Few Sandwiches And Buns For Breakfast Well Brunch - Er. And At The Same Time I Was Craving For Nescafe Ais. Nda Kejumpaan. Then One Shop Yang Selalu Ada Berjual. Dakat My Ofis Tutup Tah Jua. Aku Tau Tu Kenapa Ya Tutup Haa Haa Haa. Ketawa Ku Dulu Haa Haa Haa Malas Ku Share Jua.

So Went To Other Shop. Not Interested With Mr Brown. So I Opted For This. Its Too Creamy For My Liking. Should Have Pick Mr Brown.

So We Received A News VIA Whatsapp. Alai Zara Iman Udah Jadi Kaki. Congrats Hj Washi, My Cousin Alai Bini And Kaka Zara For The Birth Of Their Baby Boy/Brother.

Nah Makin Handsome Tia Nah. Owh Yang Balah Kiri Atu Alai Amzar His First Cousin Born Just A Few Weeks Ago. Anak Babah Uwanya And Alai Zafran Adik Kepada Kaka Zara Is On The Right Hehehe That Is His Latest Pic. Hope My Explanation Makes Sense

Time Untuk Kira DUit. Panuh Udah Kutin Amping Ku So Lets Count Em In. Setahun Punya Simpanan And That Comes Up To 118. Wow Wee! Alhamdulillah. So Kalau Kamu Nampak The Gucci Bag On The Side. Well That Is Where I Kept My 50s And 20s. 10s And 5s Goes Back To Kutin And On To Another Year Of Savings. 

The Beauty Of Savings Guys. Nganya Now I'm Thinking Di Mana Tah Ku Kan Menukar Coins Ani. Hmmm

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Dum Dee Dum Dee Dum"

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Damia' said...

simpan bank saja~tapi ingat...kalau more then $100 diorg charge $ mesti bank in duit pacah atu $99 saja~tantu nda kana charge hehehehe