Saturday, January 09, 2016

31st Of Dec 2015

This Were The Last Action Of 2015. Wish There Were A Proper Slide And Bouncer That We The Adults Bleh Ikut Main. As Well As A Karaoke Machine But Its A Thursday Night Jua So It Was Kinda Inappropriate Kalau Kan Terlampau Iski Menyambut Tahun Baru.

Since Its Thursday Night So We Start The Function With A Quick Recital Of Tahlil Arwah, Doa Arwah And Doa Kesyukuran Since My Cousin Wajihah Are Leaving For Thailand The Very Next Day. Ustat Mode On!

A Few Of The Food Spread That Night. We Have Steam Boat. We Have Soto. Noodles And Of Course Bbq Chicken Wing And Lamb. Food Was Super Lavish!

Aku Nda Conquer BBQ Pit This Time. Heck Its Been Awhile Since I Make Myself Busy With The BBQ-ing. Since Aku Udah Jadi Ustat Ani Kejarangan Aku Kana Tugaskan Hahahaha. Ada Jua Perk Nya Nyamo.

While Everyone Busy With Their Food. I Just Take It Easy. Wasn't In The Mood To Attack The Food. I Know If I Go Overboard. My Cholestrol Level Will Run Havoc.

Having A Proper Usies With My Amit Bini, Cousins And Niece. Couldn't Give A Proper Toss About My Looks. I Was In The Mood For Sleeping Already Since Its Has Been A Very Long Day For Myself.

Went Inside My Amit's Home. Saw My Cuz Naqib's Room Was Empty And I Thought Hell Yeah. I'm Gonna Lie Down. Then Khasyi And Mummy Walked In. Pasal Khasyi Kan Tukar Baju. Kan Play Arah Slide. So Baby Sit This Boy Sekajap. Bawa Ya Gusti. Kinda Funny Pasal Ya Nda Sabar Kan Swimming And Nda Kan Mau Tukar Baju. So It Was Kinda A Struggle.

Went Out Soon After And Begin To Look For Food. And Obviously That Wasn't My Plate, I Think It Was My Dad's. Didn't Stop Me From Stealing His Chix Wing Though. Haa Haa. I Had A Few Of Those Chick Wings. Didn't Touch The BBQ Shrimps. Love The Lamb. Enjoyed The Steamboat. Then I Thought I Need To Stop Eating. Nda Jua Banyak Mana Pun Makan Ku Ah. Still Though Better Stop Awal.

Not The One That I Took. Sal Time Ani Aku Sibuk Makan. Lupa Ku Siapa Share Arah Our Group. Ini My Dad Sama My Tua Laki. Perbincangan Sedunia Ni Haa Haa Haa.

When I Mentioned The Slide Was Small. Well U Can See Kan Kan Damit Kan. Mun Diri Ikut Ikutan Yatah Kang Pelanting Durg Ke Atap. Siapa Nampak Raiyan Kan Naik Ikut Macam The Bigger Kids. Belabih!

The Girl Of The Hour. A Bit Grumpy Pasal She Was Suffering From Jet Lag. Bear In Mind. They Arrived From UK Earlier In The Day. And I Don't Think She Managed To Sleep Since Nya Mummynya She Slept Through Out The Flighy. Yth Marung Digambar. Well Bila Jua Nda Haa Haa.

Excited When She Was Presented With Her Birthday Cake. Baby Talking Herself Trying To Calit The Cake. Sampai Hajatnya. Then Nda Batah Atu Lap Ke Baju Hahaha.

Minny Mouse Theme Cake. Its Her Faves Disney Character Btw.

When You're Full And Satisfied And You Wanted To Share With Everyone How Satisfied You're Feelings Were! Haa Haa Haa Sorry Bungsu.

While Waiting For Everyone To Call Me Up And Balik Kb. Peace!

Biasalah. Our Country's Standard. New Year's Eve Roadblock Everywhere. Not That I'm Complaining Since I've Got Nothing To Be Scared Off. And This Was Taken By My Sister If I'm Correct. Told Her To Gambar Saja. Because A Few Mins After This I Was Out. Thank God My Sister Nurul Mau Drive Kan.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Ah Okay. Samsung Sama Akira Geng Panya"

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