Friday, January 15, 2016

Tuesday The 12th Of Dec

Not Much To Share For Today. I Decided To Be A Lazy Bum Today. I Finished My Reports On Monday. I Was Planning To Drive Up To Our Bandar Head Office And Hand It In. Nganya My Parents Berpadah Durg Perlu Ke Bandar Membali Supplies For This Sunday. Nada Org Ambil My Lil Sis Sekulah. Awal Atu Aku Berkaras Nda Kan Mau Pasalnya Aku Takut Wednesday Ada Lawatan Mengejut. But Pikir Pikir Okay Lah. Mengalah Saja.

So I Decided To Try This Out. The New Burger King Breakfast Menu. How Was It? Taste Wise Its Alright They Should Have Baked Beans As An Option Or As A Side Order. I Love Having My Scrambled Eggs With Baked Beans.

Service Wise? I'm Not Sure About BK Standard When It Comes To Their Timing. Meaning The Moment You Ordered, Then My Food Being Prepared Then Being  Served But In Honesty I Have To Wait More Than 15 Mins For My Foods To Reach My Table. And For A Fast Food Chain IMO That Is Poor. By The Time It Arrived Most Of The Meal Are Not Warm. The Croissant Are Cold. The Beef Patty Pun Getting Cold. The Scrambled Egg Was Delicious Though. So BK Brunei Especially KB's Branch You Guys Needs To Improve On That Matter. I Shall Copy This And DM Them VIA IG. Bukan Nak Hentam But More To Share With Them My Experience Saja. Because I Really Want To Come Back. I Like It! Owh Btw Sausages Would Be Nice Too You Know AND BAKED BEANS!!

Too Much DOwntime I'm In Danger Of Over Narsis Hahahahahaha.

Picked The Lil Sis From School. Haa Haa Haa Maung Muha Atu Dang! Kesian Kengalihan Kedia. Balik Sekolah Pukul 12:30. Sampai Rumah Mau Mau 12:45 Walaupun Sekolah Dakat Tu Ah Dengan Rumah But Since Perlu U Turn And Such 15 Mins Atu Kira Standard Dh Tu. By The Time Sampai Umah. Makan Pun Nda Ya Mau Sal Kelam Kabutnya. Kan Mandi Lagi. Kan Tukar Baju Lagi For Ugama. Mind U Ya Sudah Naik Darjah 4 So Ugama Start At 1:30pm Hehe Sabar Saja. She Just Need Getting Use To Saja Tu.

Had This For Dinner. Nyaman Mo! Banar Nda Ku Berkelakar. Owh Its Brumee Btw. Shared It Di IG And FB Adeh Ramai Yang Bertanya. Good Good. Free Exposure For Them.

Til My Nest Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Laa Laaa Laaa Laaa Laaa Laaaa"

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