Monday, January 11, 2016

Thursday The 7th Of January

So Wednesday Was A Tiring Day. Then Come Thursday Which I Dare Say Was Gonna Be An Even Longer And Tiring Day.

Kinda Fed Up Waiting For Unit Owners To Come Down To My Office Even After Personally Turning Up At Their Offices Asking Them To Come Over To The Office. 

Fuck It I Just Check Saja Durang Punya Master File Di Office And Deal With It. Payah Nyamo. Kang Udah Big Boss Datang Cam C Banar Bilang Org Ter Pot Pet Pot Pet.

Then Kana Msg Kana Suruh Zoom Ke Sg Bera Because Our Director Already There Since Our Minister Kan Melawat Kb Site.

Our Afternoon Session Then By 3:30 Pm The Director Said Okay We're Done. Lets Go. Yahoooo! Balik Awal. And I Get An Hour Nap Before Heading Off To Bandar For Tahlil Night.

Arrived At Home And Then. Aiseymen Sedap Bau. Mum Said Ya Masak Ayam Kerisik. Asked Me To Taste It. Told Her Kang Tah Tidor Ku Dulu. Asar Kau Sudah? I Said Tidor Ku Duluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuu. Babu 0 - Aku 1! Hahaha

Biasaklah Kan. Ustat Mode On Haha.  And Then My Bungsu Request Laju This Week Pasal Durang Aunties And Uncles Ada Family Meeting.

Aik Ini Ajer Yang Tinggal. I Tell You Her Ayam Kerisik Was The Bomb.

I Love That Udang Which Was Cooked By My Iring. Plus Ada Kambing Grill Jua. Ada Sandwich Jua. The Food That Night Was Super Lavish.

Third Photo By Far The Cutest Photo Hahahaahah Ikut Lagi TU Mua Ku Senyum Catu. Bila Ku Tanya Khasyi Minum Apa. Cua Kan Surungi Butulnya Ke Mulut Hahaha.

Biasaklah Ah Time Maminya Makan Aku Baby Sit Ya Dulu Bawa Ya Main Apa.

Tu Cua Liat Alai Zara Iman Aa. Active Berabis. Bila Ku Selfie Ama Khasyi She Was Actually Standing Behind Me Then Time Org Kan Bergambar. She Grab Both My Butt Cheeks. Then Dipicik piciknya Hahaha.

Daddynya Pun Meneriaki Zara Iman You're Not A Boy. Nda Jua Peduli Hahahahaha. Suka Ku Jua Ni Kedia Ani. She And Alai Tasya. Everytime They Speak My Heart Melts. Kiyuttttt. Both Are Opposite Character. Alai Zara Hardcore While Alai Tasya Lemah Lembut. Mudahan Deh My Children Macam Durg Ani. Kiyut Berabis. Alum Lagi Jazia Tu. Lagi Ca Melating Baby Talk Nya.

Owh We Also Had A Surprise Birthday Cake Who Celebrated Her Birthday On Wednesday.

Going Home And Ending The Day. I Was So Tired That I Felt Asleep On My Mum's Lazy Boy Chair. Only Woke Up At Around 2 Am When My Dad Went To The Kitchen. Just Show How Tired I Am. Geez If I Was Driving Alone. I Will Not Even Bothered To Park At The Side Of The Road And Sleep. I Was Just Super Knackered. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Not A Normal Thursday I Suppose"

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