Sunday, January 10, 2016

Monday 4th To Wed 6th Of January

First Day In The Office For The New Year. With The New Year Resolution Still Hot I Went To The Office Roaring To Go. I Even Put Up The New Year Calendar Side By Side On The Last Day Of 2015.

I Mean Look. How Determined I Was. My Pants Was Ironed Well. The Lines Lined Up Straight And Its About Fucking Time As Well You Know. Can You See I Was So Fire Up.

Just Kidding. Can You See How Sunyi The Office Is. I Wasn't Even Interested In Doing Anything. Just Lingering About Saja Kerajaku. Couldn't Careless Really. Sekali Kana Kol Dari Bandar Patang Atu. Wadi Do This Do That. Ah Okay Lah. Ahir Tah Ku Jua Balik Olehnya.

Otw Back Home I Thought Bah Okay Lah. I Need To Stop By Wisma Yakin Sekali Texted Everyone Di Umah Mau Aku Tapau Apa Apa. So Biasaklah Di Chicken King. Typical Them Though I Think Its The 3rd Time Durg Lupa One Meal Nda Apa Lah Lillahi Taala. Next Time I Need To Triple Check Lagi.

So Aku Mengalah Saja And Buat Bru Mee Kolo Mee Which Was Recommended By Kak Yus. This Is A Bruneian Product And He Said It Tasted Better Than Indomie Nganya Cannot Beat Indomie In Terms Of Sale. Indomie Right Now In Some Kedai Runcit About $1.70-90 A Pack Of 5. While Brumee Same Amount Are Selling At $2.70 So Jauh Jua Tu Mahalnya. Yes In Serving Wise. Indomie Weigh In About 80 Grams Per Packet While Brumee 100 Grams. So Hence Iatah Makanya Nda Berapa Laku Atu.

Alright In Taste Wise. I Cannot Say It Tasted Better Than Indomie But In A Way It Is Very Delicious. The Noodles Really Taste Good Bukan Mcm Indomie's Noodle. You Just Need To Modified A Bit Lah Then It Will Become Superb. But On Basic Taste I Dare Say Its On Par. And No MSG As Well Which Is A Big Plus. And The Good Thing About It Was That I Did Not Suffered From Indigestion After Consuming It. With Indomie Yes Hence I Hardly Touch It Anymore.

So yeah Why Not Try It Out Guys. Modified Sikit. Serving Time Pun Lebih Kurang Macam Indomie. Serving Ways Pun Sama Jua. Trust Me It Is Tasty.

When I Woke Up That Tuesday Morning I Smiled And Then Laughed At My Sister. Haa Haa Haa. I Said Iyerrrrrnyaaaa Sekulah Org Basar Ya Udah. Took A Snap Then Laughed At Her Again. Well At Least Adalah Seorang Mengikut Jejak Ku Di Sekulah Ku Lama. Her Older Two Sister Was A SMPW-Ians. She Is Now A PJN Or Formerly Known As Sekolah Menengah Mumong.

Eee Panjang Rumput Atu Eee. Well I Heard Lah Org Ramai Kinda Mengeluh And Riuh Pasal Ani Di Masjid. Blaming The Government. Nda Peka Lah Apalah. But At The End Of The Day. Cua Liat Bisai Bisai Gambar Atu. On The Left Side Buntak On The Right Tinggi Nauzubillah. 

I kNow Kalau Kawasan Masjid Or Simpang Jalan Apa Memang Aku Pun Riuh Buat Mun Kawasan Jalan Atu Belakang Umah Diri. Apatah Salahnya Putung Saja Bah Alang Alang. Plus Inda Jua Mengalih. Bukannya Kan Ambung But All This While Even Kami Di Rumah Atu Pun Bukan Aku Or My Dad Yg Mutung. Kalau Dulu Banar Masa Mulah Nini Ada. Ya Tukang Putung Aku Tukang Kair. Ya Mutung Makai Mesin Bersikut Aku Menyurung. Nowadays Kebanyakkan Kawasan Laman Ani Bukannya Diri Bah Mutung Lingka Bah Mutung. Standard Price $30 For A Month. And Atu Pun Aa Dua Kali Putung.

Darinya Diri Ngomplen Apa Salahnya Suruh Lingka Aaa Mutung Mun Ya Minta Tambah. Bagi $5 Mun Ya Kemahalan Teriaki Bukannya Basar Tu Ja Apa Jua Dari Border Diri Ke Border Jiran. Sometime Org Ani Hairan Ku Jua. Kan Menyalahkan Government Bulat Bulat Tapinya Kitani Sendiri Can Make A Difference Bah. Sometime Membarikan Membagi Suggestion Arah JKR Bah. Simen Time Tepi Jalan Aa Tantu. At Least Org Yang Bejalan Kaki Nda Payah Berjalan Atas Jalan Raya. 

Since Its A New Year I Thought Lets Change The Looks Of My Blog. The Last Time I Did Was About 2 Or 3 Years Ago. Maybe More. Lupa Ku. I Really Wanted To Change That Header But Nantitah. I Need To Think Of A New Line. With A New Photo. I Need To Look At My Photo Collection See If I Can Find A Suitable Photo. 

Well I Have Changed The Look Of My Blog. Back To Basic. More Of An Open Looks Than Before. So Now All You Have To Do Is Keep On Scrolling Down Saja. Much Easier For You Guys Yang Pemalas Kan Klik Klik Klik Haa Haa Haa Jan Mare.

Went For Breakfast With My Parents. Too Bad I Didn't Enjoy Nini Jinab's Cooking That Day. Org Ramai Since Gerai C Qawi Next Door Tutup. And I Had A Few Urat Goreng Saja Which Btw Was Super Yummy And I Begin Had Headache. Boh I Thought Nda Kan Pasal Makan Mee Goreng Aku Sakit Kepala. Or Maybe Jua. Ish!

When My Dad And I Wore Matching Watch. Nyehehehe Pedangki Babah Kami Ani. Mau Mau Jua Kan Terdpt Jaham Macam Kami!

Later In The Night Me, My Sister Nurul And My Babu Went To Lumut To My Cousin's House. Checking Her New Kain Collection. Menyasal Aku Nda Ambil That Pink/Purplish Kain. The Girlfriend Like It But Takut Kan Gtau Aku. I Was About To Ambil It Then Aku Got Distracted.

Got Distracted Melayan My Niece Khayla Sharing Her Photos During Her Recent Trip To Jakarta. And I Quote. "Cua Uncle D Liat Gambar Kaka Anis Selfie. Bida Kan" Hahahaha 

Wednesday Morning Off To Bandar. The Narsis Selpi Is Still Very Strong My Friends. Haha

Then C Wak Tanya Banarkah Kau Di Bndr Ani Hence I Reply With That Photo. The Plan Was Kan Lunch Ama My KFM Group Chat Friends Di Citi Sq Kah Tu At A Place Called Substation Sandwich Kah. I Was Actually Craving For Subway. Please Please The Rich People Of Brunei. Can You Guys Please Open A Branch Here.

Bummer! I Was Happily Doing My Job. And Then Boom The Officers Was Actually Looking For Me Because They Have A Present For Me. Another Last Minute Tasks. Plural! So Plan Kan Makan Sama Kawan Kawan Cancel Zoom Balik Kb. Had To Stop By At Telisai Though. I Was Starving. Kepala Mula pening. Haven't Eat Anything Yet Since Morning!

Bersyukur Lah Nak. Benda Ni Pun Best Jugak. Sedap Sangat One My Faves Lah Jugak.

And The Journey Continues. Arrived In Kb Around 2:30 Pm. Sit Down For A Bit To Calm Myself Down Then I Just Get Cracking. Boy I Was Super Tired. I Didn't Realized As The Day Ends. I Fell Asleep In The Office. Sandi!

Keeping My Feet Up And Just Tengok Tv. Thursday Will Be An Even Longer Day For Sure!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Stress Ku Broh!"

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