Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Tuesday 11th Of April 2017

Setelah Ku Introduced My Wife Kan This Indian Place Called Spice Di Sg Hanching. Taus Bah Addicted To The Point Sampai Lunch Time Kan Makan Dosai Masala. Sanggup Bah Turun Sekajap Bertanya If They Serve Dosai During Lunch Time. Alhamdulillah They're Willing To Make It For Us. Atu Pun Pasal Nda Ramai Org At That Time. Mun Ramai Org Nda Ya Mau. Dipahami Jua And We Are Both Grateful For It.

I Opted For Dosai Telor This Time Around. Nda Berapa Fancy Kan Makan The Masala. Pasalnya Last Week Udah Makan Chicken Tikka Masala.

Weiiii! That's Mine!

That Thick Filling Full Of Fragrant And Really Spicy Masala Dosai. Sedap!

Wife Gonna Kill Me For Posting This. Hahahah Hy Syg.

Licin! That Was A Good Lunch. Really Recommend You Guys To Try Out This Place.

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