Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Friday And The Saturday

So Let's Go Straight To Friday Laaa.

Not Much To Share On Personal Level. On Professional Level Well As You Can See Lah Aaaa Mengajut CEO Kan Melawat A Few Sites Yang Under The Purvew Of DARe Duhhhhh Aku Ah. What I'm Trying To Say Is Site Yang My Team Jaga. Luckily The Presentation Yang My Officer And Myself Buat Siap. So Tahu Print Out Saja. Phew!

Well Just Another Day Yang Aku Balik Akhir Lagi Keraja. Thank God Its A Friday Though So The Weekend Fell Like A Well Earned Weekend. Lalah Ambo Kaji Bah Eh.

The Saturday 15th Of April.

Bah Biasa Lah Aaa Saturday Routine At 10 Am Jing Chew Lah Apalagi With Jirul And Nas! Like I Said Well Earned Weekend.

Actually Nada Plan Ni Kan Jumpa For Lunch. Kali Once I'm Done From Jing Chew I Have A Gut Feeling Yang My Wife Mesti Minta Jalan Ni. So I Texted Her If She Wanna Go For A Lunch Date. Nah Banar She Craves For This Nasi Katok Place. Then Terkedehung Kedia Membali Nasi Katok Atu Turut Tah Ku Jua Ikut Membali Di Lambak. Hence Taus Kami Dating Di Stadium Parking Bawah Pokok And Makan Nasi Katok. Hahaha Suwet Kan Lakinya Ani.

A Friend Shared This Di Whatsapp Group. Owh My God Now My Craving For Mc-D's Fried Chix Has Gone Tenfold. Hmmmmmmmmmmm Bilatah Rasanya Dapat Makan. Need To Hold This Craving. Ke Laut Udah Jaga Makan Ku Ani Banar Tah.

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