Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Monday 10th Of April 2017

And Then Come Monday.

Kalau Abiskita Udah Pernah Or Andang Selalu Ke Miri Then You Must Have Noticed Yang Traffic Light Untuk Masuk Ke Lumut From The New Telisai - Lumut Highway Udah Siap. And You Also Might Noticed That The Sun Is Super Shiny. Yay! Musim Panas Is Here And Ramadhan Is Just Less Than 2 Months Away.

I Remember One Of My Colleague Hussaimah Mentioned Yang Jarang Kejumpaan Org Berjual Begedil Yang Nda Karit Dagingnya. Then Taus Tah Ku Mention Ada Di Kb. Bah Nanti Ku Bawa Ahh. So I Told My Mum To Make Some Of His Famous Begedil. Lemme Promote It In My Office. 

Nah By 11 Am Tinggal Sedikit. Laku And This Was $10 Worth Of Begedil. Nyummmmmmmmy As Always.

Didn't Had A Good Night Sleep. And Even Though I Woke Up Easy That Morning By Lunch Time I Was Feeling Super Sleepy. So Went To KHub And Masuk Bilik FM (Facilities Management) And Zzzzzz.

Munhkin Kici And Munchkin Bacai Spent Sometime In Our Room. Kompom Rindu Kan Kami Ni Hahahahahaha.

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