Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Tuesday 25th Of April 2017

Going Straight To Tuesday Sajalah Ah Since Monday Atu Nada Kan Di Share Jua Hehe.

Since Monday Was A Holiday Kami Commute For Work To Bandar On Tuesday Tah Tu. This Was The View That Allah Subhannallah Taala Presented To Us That Tuesday Morning. It was Super Fogy And It Was Mesmerizing Beautiful. The Picture Didn't Do Justice To The Real View Though.

Remember On My Last Monday Post That I Found A Short Cut Well Hardly A Short Cut Plang Jalan Ani But More Of A Way To Cut Through The Traffic Jam Along Sengkarai Traffic Light. Ni Nah Masuk Side Road Melintasi JKR And Industry Serambangun. 

Just Drive Melintasi Kawasan Tamu Tutong And Then The Only Stuck Bit Ni Nah Kawasan Spg Menuju Jalan Besar Ke Pekan Tutong. Then Belok Kiri Dah Sampai Traffic Light Sengkarai. 20 Mins Stuck In The Traffic Jam And By Doing A De-tour I Managed To Cut About 15 Mins. Brilliant Kan Aku Ani.

Then I Saw Si Musdi Makan Hokkaido Egg Tart Kali Nyangku Wow! Then Lapas Atu He Offered Me His Last Piece. Barat Barat Plang Hati Kan Menerima. Walaupun Aku Tais Liur Yang Banarnya But Makanan Org Bah Last Piece G. But Since His Insisted Ku Terima Saja. Hahahaha Malu Malu Kucing Bah Aku Aaa.

I Was Super Hungry During Lunch Time And I Told My Wife Aku Tais Liur Kan Merasa Ayam Marrybrown While She Wanted Some Jollibee. Luckily Di Mall Food Court Ada Dua Dua So Lunch Sorted Out Baby!

This Was My Dinner. Omelette Mixed With Broccoli And Sausage. Wifey's Specialty Delicious Food Indeed.

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