Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Thursday 7th Of April 2017

Taa Taa Taa Taa Bah Lets Blog!

Hairan Ku What Is The Purpose Of Having 2 Signboard Randah And Tinggi. All It Did Just Block The View Of Incoming Traffic From The Right Side. Ngek Ngok Banar.

Makan Roti Makan Roti Makan Roti. Hahaha Boring Eh.

Tengah Hari Atu. I Had Lunch With Shikin And Yus At Le Taj Serusop. And I Got A Surprise Birthday Cake. Thanks Guys. Love The Surprise But Didn't Enjoy The Chicken Masala. Ish!

When I Picked Up My Wife From Work That Evening. I Made A Confession To Her. There Is Another Girl Riding My Car. And She Is Almost 3 Years Old. And Her Name Is Daniya Ayesha. Sorry Syg. 

As Usual Tahlil Night Lah Kalau Udah Malam Jumaat Atu Kan At My Nini Place In Lambak Kiri.

Time Org Lain Siuk Makan Aku Eskep Ke Bilik Tamu. Heavy Breakfast And Lunch Makes Me Felt Bloated All Day Long. Didn't Fancy Having Any Meal That Night. So Biasaklah Main Main Sama Jazia Tah Ku As Well As Khasyi.

When She Got Super Excited. She Bit Me Hahahahaha.

Membari Eski Meliat. Membari Rawan Ati Jua Meliat. Mudahan Diberikan Kesempatan. Amin Ya Rabb.

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