Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lakastah Bercerita

Wow Kes Malas Bah Aku Atu Aaa Udah Sebelas Haribulan Barutah Ku Kan Update My Blog. Hehehe Sorry Dear Readers Been Very Busy With Work And Even Pun On My Spare Time I Just Use It To Update Myself With Information. Browse Around All The Relevant Folders In Our Private Server. Berubah Sedikit Lah Attitude Keraja Ku Udah Ku Di Bandar Ani. Not Saying Aku Rajin Berabis But Hey Andang Sedari Pun Jua Aku Ani A Hard Working Person! Pui! Hahaha.

Anyhoot Since My Boss Off To A Meeting And The Office Is Very Quite, Which I May Add Kinda Odd. Well Especially On And Around My Station. We Are Consider As The Noisy Bunch Bah Hahaha. Lagipun Biasalah Gue Bukannya Level Officer Brother And Sister Eh. So The Amount Of Work That I Need To Do Nda As Heavy As Them. Though For Saying That Masih Jua Busy With Task Yang Perlu Dibuat. Kalau Lambat Siap Lari Tia KPI Ku. Nda Rugged Tu. Nda Tah Basar Bonus Ku Kang Hahaha I Wish!

So What I Else I Should Share With You Guys? Blur Tah Jua Nah Udah Free Time Atu. Owh My Batuk Is Still Here To Stay. Feeling Way Better And The Batuk Is Not As Frequent Like How It Used To Be. Nganya Yang Annoying Banar Aaa. Bila Terdangar Org Lain Batuk. Diri Pun Gatal Hati Tah Jua Kan Ikut Ikut Batuk. I Need To Get Back In Shape Soon Eh. I'm 37 Years Old Udah. Not Getting Any Younger. Malar Udah Plan Kan Belusir Apa Tapi Nda Pandai Kesampaian. Its Either Aku Ahir Balik, Aku Mentally Tired Or Aku Malas. Same Old Reason All The Time Bah Ah.

Life In Bandar. How Does It Feel? Well Be Honest With You Nda Jua Lah Jauh Bezanya. I Mean In Terms Of Work Berbeza Lah Aaa. Namanya Keraja Atu Dapan Bosses And Bigger Job Scopes Of Course Berubah. Quality Time Spend With My Wife Improves Big Time, I Didn't Get To Spend 3 Hours Almost Daily On The Road. Lenguh2 Badan Pun Hilang. Budget Pun SLIGHTLY Improve. Hahaha The Emphasize Lagi Bah On The SLIGHTLY Bit Ah. Well As My Wife Said $7 A Day Spending On Fuel Is Far Better Than $15-$20 A Day. And You Never Know Jua Kan Perancangan Allah. More Time Spend Together Meaning The Bigger Chances Of Kami Dapat Anak In Shaa Allah. 

Currently Listening To Linkin Park's Heavy. Awal Awalnya Mcm Cawir Tia Durg Ani But Then Again I Was Just Being The Usual Fanboy Who Are Selfish. Hahaha Udah Batah And Balik Balik Mendgr Deep Jua Lagu Ani Ah. Now I Love It. Hahaha Typical. Then I Listen To Battle Symphony Also By Them. And Bloody Hell! 

Bah Atu Tah Saja Kali For Now. Gonna Enjoy My Music Now Hehehe. Cheers Matey!

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