Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Monday 3rd Of April 2017

Ehhh Monday Bah Monday. Sekajap Bah Rasanya Weekend Atu.

The Usual Morning Commute. I Miss Driving Di Jalan Lama. U Know The Usual Route Along Sg Tampoi To Tutong Lalu Jalan Lama. The Morning Mist Was Cani. I Love It. 

The Few Part Yang I Ahead About My Morning Commute Was Being Stuck For Over 20 Mins Along Traffic Light Sengkarai And Traffic Light Tutong Camp. Ridiculous Bahhhh.

Monday Was Also The Start Of Our New CEO. So After The Usual Morning Team Huddle Or As My Wife Used To Say Morning Cuddle Hahahahaha. As Shown In This Photo. He Made His Round To ISM Division And Meeting Us Up. 

My Colleague Musdi Just Got Back From K.K And He Brought Us This Tart. My Colleagues Left Me Two. Nda Nyaman Mo. Since Aku Ani Andang Suka Membazir Makanan Aka Vacuum Ehemhem. 

Hinting Hinting Arah My Wife. Hadiah Birthday. Ehem Ehem Sambung Hinting Hinting Hence Aku Post Lagi Di Sini Hahahahaha. Hy Syg.

Sebelum Balik We Go Makan Dosai Dulu For Dinner. 
Licin Kan!

One Video To Share.

Downloaded Cartoon Ballerina Or Leap As It Was Known For Munchkin Bacai And Munchkin Kici. Ada Yang Minatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Hahahahahah. Sayang Adik Sayang Kaka.

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