Friday, September 30, 2016

The Wednesday 21st Of September 2016

Nda Ku Balik Bandar Yesterday. So Kiranya Settle Tah Udah Ni I'll Be Staying A Night In Kb Every Tuesday. So Jadi Routine Tah Jua Lah Aku Jog Pagi.

I Didn't Spend Much Time Running Pasal It Was One Cold Morning Since Its Been Raining All Night. A Good Workout Jua Lah. Adding Myself To More Minutes. I Hope By Doing So I Could Run A Bit Longer And Further.

Owh KB-Ians You Disappoint Me. Really Do Disappoint Me. How Hard It Is To Throw Your Rubbish At Home. Just Finish Drinking Your Water Or Your Isotonics Then Bring The Empty Bottle Home And Throw It In Your Bins. You Guys Are Concern About Losing Weights But You Guys Have Total Disregards Of Public Cleanliness. Shame Shame Shame On You!

The Project That I Looked After A Few Days Back Dah Siap. Temporary Parking Area For Tenants. Honestly Ada A Few Issues Arises And My Officer And I Wasn't Too Happy With The Outcome But Since Its Just A Temporary Malas Kami Kan Mengarasi. And Since Its Unethical For Me To Share More In My Blog So I Just Stop It There Saja Hahaha.

Milo Kosong Panas On A Cold Morning. Well You Can't Go Wrong Baby. You Really Just Can't.

Patang Biasa Bro Sis. Routine And Paingan Kaki Shot

Hy Sayang! Hehehe So This Week My Wife Balik K Kb Dari Bandar And Stay Di Kb For A Night. Kiranya Balik Ya Keraja Then Antar My Mom In Law Balik Umah Then Kedia Taus Jalan K Kb. Then Aku Pick Her Up Di Highway Lumut And Kami Konvoi Ke Umah Di Pandan. Esoknya Thursday Awal Ya Jalan Dari Kb And Then She Picked Up My Mom In Law Di Umah And Off To Work. Not That I Approved Of This Ingau Ati Ku Ya Sorg Drive. Nganya She Insisted On Doing So. Kesian Ya Kan Aku Hari Hari Turun Naik.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Letih Yo Hari Hari Turun Naik Aa"

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