Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Friday 16th And The Saturday 17th Of September 2016

Since Kami Nda Tahlil Last Night I Don't Think Kami Balik Kb. Hahahaha Honestly Lupa Ku Bah. I'm Doing A Blog About The 16th Of September On Thursday The 29th Of September. In Fact I've Been Playing Major Catch Up In Terms Of Post Updates. Berapa Lama Ku Menyimpan Gambar And It Is Not Easy Trying To Recall Back The Things That I Did A Week Of A Few Weeks Ago But Hey Its a Good Challenge And At The Same Time An Exercise For My Memory. Kan Kan Kan See How I Twist One Non-Important Situation Into Something That Sound And Looks Important. Am I Good Or Am I That Good.

Biasalah Since Its Friday The Office Was A Bit Quite And Also More Importantly I Have Interrupted Times To Do Some Training With My Workmate Roza Before She Went On Leave Until The End Of September.  Alhamdulillah Now I Know Ho To Handle Revenue Payment. Membuat Penyata Sewa As Well As Updating Cash Receipt Book Then Also Updating Our Revenue Record.

Then My Wife Shared This With Me. Owh I Love Japanese Tofu. She Made Some. So I Told Her To Save Some For Me And Will Have It Once I Got Back Home In The Evening.

Owh Yes! The Weekend Is Finally Here. Yahoooo!

That Saturday Morning I Had A Boys Lunch Out With Jirul And Yus At Food Zone Kiulap. I Woke Up Late A Bit Pasalnya My Wife Nda Payah Di Hantar Keraja And Nda Ya Balik Tgh Hari So Berjaur Lah Aku Hehehe.

Then I Went To Lambak Kiri At My Late Grandparent Place. Family My Uda And My Iring Stayed There Now. Ngantar Tampat Menyimpan Dian Ku Taus Lah Jumpa Ni Anak Buah Ku Sorg Ah Yang Batah Nda Ku Jumpai Aaa. Ni Si Ahmad Khasyi Aaaa.

Lepak Ku Di Lambak Kiri Until 3:30 Pm Taus Ku Meet Up Jirul Di Mana Nah? Hahahahhaah Jing Chew Laaaa Mana Lagi. And Mr Scotman Joined Us Afterwards. Makin Lagi Nyaman Cerita Kami. Ahir Balik Sampai My Wife Bertanya Where Am I Hahahaha Oppsss My Bad.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Cua Pastu Kana Warning No Lepak From Morning To Ptg Hahahahah"

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