Hadith Rasulullah SAW

Abu Dharr (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) Reported: The Prophet (PBUH) Said, "Do No Belittle Any Good Deed, Even Meeting Your Brother (Muslim) With A Cheerful Face"


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Tuesday 13th Of September 2016

Hahhhhhhhhhhhhh Hahahahaha Giving Out A Big Sigh. Siuk Bah Cuti Bah Aaa. 22 Days Bah Away From Work. Siuk Banar.

Pouting Dulu Sal Muka Ku Pun Ngantuk Jua Kakal Usulnya Hehehehe Jarang Bah Awal Bangun Sejak Sejak Ku Keraja And Tinggal Di Kb. Now Kul 5 Lalu Udah Bangun Cuaaaa.

Luckily It Was Still School Term Holidays So The Road Was Very Quiet. Not A Bad Day To Start Commuting Innit.

Even When I Arrived At My Office It Was Still Quiet Hehe. Sampat Jua Lah Meng Lap Lap Kereta Kajap. 

What Luck. Luckily Nda Teruk And Nda Berapa Obvious. Hmmm Kena Hati Hati Bah Kalau Reverse Atu. Kan Menyusahkan Kalau Teruk.

Almost A Month Nda Round Kompleks So I Just Went For A Round Sambil Stretching My Leg Jua Taus Hehe.

The Start Of Work Also Marks The Beginning Of A New Task. Letih Jugak Going Up And Down The Road Atu But The Perk Of Waiting In The Bank Is That I Can Relax A Bit.

When I Arrived Home Si Ketot Ani Ikut Naik Ke Bilik Then Ikut My Wife Sembahyang Haa Haa Haa Bah Bisai Tah Tu. In Shaa Allah Dengan Didikan Her Parent. She And Her Sister Will Grow Into Anak Yang Solehah. AMin Ya Rabb.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Not Bad For A First Day Commuting"

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