Friday, September 23, 2016

The Sunday 28th Of August 2016 Final Part

Admittedly It Was A Long Drive. In My Head I Just Can't Wait To Get The Function Done. Lack Of Sleep Is The Main Cause Of My Grumpiness. And I Was Starving Too But Since Aku Ani Pengantin Kira Okay Lah Tahan Saja Tia. Kang Makan Berabis Hahaha.

So When We Finally Arrived I Said Myself Alhamdulillah. Yay Nda G Batah Dapat Tidor. 

As We Parked I Saw My Wife Udah Bergerak Ke Ruang Pelaminan And I Thought Woohoo Bini Aku Lawa Laaa Bini Aku Lawaaaaaaa. And My Mood Began To Improve. In Fact Masa Aku Otw Masuk Atu I Saw Her Duduk Smiling Looking At Me. Cua Aku Bleh Tunduk Malu Hahahahahaha Lelaki Bah Malu Hahahaha. My First Reaction Was My God She Is Beautiful. Hehehehe

Masa Kami Baru Duduk. And Bersanding. And At That Time C Najib Nganya Yang Mengiap. Arah My Wife's Side Nada.

Kali Kana Panggil Tia Pengiap Utk My Wife Sekali The Crowd Taus Mengatil The Two Kids. Really Love The Reaction In The Second Photo. C Najib Malu. And Aku Lagi Ngatil I Told Him Najib Bah Urat laa Urat laa. Cua Di Cucuknya Aku Makai Kiap Haa Haa Haa.

Hence The Marung Face! Hahahaha Cua Liat Tlinganya Merah. Tanda Tu Tanda Yang Kedia Malu Hahahaha.

Nahhh Enjoy The Video Of Him Poking Me With The Fan. Kes Sasak Hahahahahah Then Biasaklah Berdiri Bergambar Then My Cousins At The Back Meneriaki Menyuruh Senyum Hahaha Malu Ku Bah!

Teeheehe Muka Senyum Awkward Sal Malu

Lapas Atu Acara Makan Bersuap

While At The Same Time My Family Member Menyampati Makan Lagi Haa Haa Haa Usul Ali Imran Atu Hahahahaha.

Family Photo With My In-Laws

Group Photos And #Painganku Pose With My #GengKopi Family.

Our Photoshoot Session With HDPhotography

And These Selfies Marks The End Of Our Raja And Ratu Sehari Day. =) 

To Both Our Parents. 
Everything That Both Of Us Are Today Will Not Be Possible Without The Unconditional Love, The Tireless Care That You Have Given Us. All The Lives Values That You Have Instilled In Us Throughout Your Blessed Lives. You Have Given Us Everything That A Son And A Daughter Could Asked From Their Parents, And Amazingly More Than We Deserve. With Your Blessings And The Guidance Of Allah Subhannallah Taala We Will Embark On A New Journey As Husband And Wife. And We Will Look At All The Exemplary Virtues On How To Live, Love, Forgive, Forget And Presevere That You Have Shown Us. Thank You For Making This Wonderful Day Possibe. We Love You So Very Very Much!

To Our Family.
We Would Like To Say Thank You For All The Efforts, The Time Spent, All The Advices, The Stress =P Given To Us. Our Special Occasion Will Not Be Running Smoothly Without All Your Helps. Thank Your So So Very Much For Your Support. May Allah Subhannallah Taala Blessed You With His Blessings.

To Our Friends.
Thank You For Coming From Far And Wide. Thank You For The Prayers And Well Wishers. Thank You For Giving Your Time To Share With Us Our Joy And Happiness On This Special Occasion. It Meant A Lot To Us. Thank You For The Love!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"I Was A Bit Teary At The End There"

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