Friday, September 30, 2016

The Friday 23rd, The Saturday 24th And The Sunday 25th Of September 2016

As You Can See This Will Be A Very Long Post. Kali Jua. I'm Press For Time So I Will Be Doing This Quick Haha

Not Much To Share Pasal Biasalah Its A Friday. Me Working And Then In The Evening Went For A Jog With My Wife And Lil Sis Alai. Berulih Jua Ku Belusir Jauh This Time Alhamdulillah. Nganyaaaaaaaaaaa Dangan Dangan Ku Ani.

Ber Usies Usies Lagi Durg. Percaya Kamu!

Abarnya Kan Membawa My Father In Law Round Meliat Kereta. Kan Membali Kereta Baru Usulnya. Nganya Since Kedia Ani Udah Lanjut Umur. I Think Dah Received Pencen Tua. I Do Believe Nda Lagi Kedia Dapat Meng Loan Kereta. Nganya Untuk Menyamankan Hatinya. Bawa Saja Tia. And Then Awal Atu Udah Masa Ku Baru Bangun Kan Mandi. Kedangaran Kedia Teriak Teriak Menjaga C Kaka Hahahahah. So Went Down Apalagi Sampat Ku Bawa Bergambar.

Then Halfway Through My Wife Called Me Up That She Got A Called From RIPAS Saying Her Grandma Is Under Critical Condition. So We Rushed To RIPAS Which Honestly Not My Happy Place. Too Many Painful And Sad Memories Here Yatah Barat Hatiku Kan Kemari Ani. 

Patang Atu Bawa My Wife Makan Di Keboys Bunut. Honestly Didn't Enjoy The Food Pasal Masin. Anyhoot Aku Atu Bawa Kemari Just To Cheer Her Up. Its Has Been Quite A Long Day For Her And Her Family. TBH I Really Thought We're Gonna Lose Her Grandma Today. In The Space Of Half AN Hour She Suffered 3 Heart Attack. And One Of This Moment That I Cannot Forget Was When The Doctor And The Nurses Wanted To Move Her From The Ward To SICU. Just When They're About To Enter The Lift Her Heart Stopped Again. That Was A Mad Rush Pulling Her Bed Out To The Lift And Straight To MICU. Luckily Her Ward Was At The Same Floor With MICU. Now Her Grandma Was Admitted To JPMC. What A Fighter She Is. What A Survivor.

Sunday! And I Woke Up A Bit Late. My Wife With Her Mum As Well As Her Sister Left Early To Visit Her Grandma. My Father In Law Have To Go With Me. When I Went Out The House Somebody Wash My Sis Nurul's Car. Hehehe Bapa Bapa.

Bonding Time With The FIL. Wadi Jangan Makan Belamak. Nda Baik. Hahaha Pa, Tuuuu Tungking! Hahahahahha Penyeluru Pa Anak Menantu Kita Ani.

When We Were Bore And Wore Matching Colour Sunglasses That Belongs To My Sis Nurul And Then We Shared The Photo With Her. Hahahahahaha.

When Daniya Ayesha Refuse To Go To Her Parent Room And Insist On Playing With Us Well Me Actually Pasal Babunya Aka My Wife Udah Awal Zzzzz. Kong Jump Kong Jump! Mmmmmbahhhhhhh! Mun Aku Melumpat Tumpah Kau Ke Lantai Barat Badan Kong Ani Lai. Heh!

Alum Lagi Kalau Alina Faiha Berunggau Keluar Masuk Bilik. How Can U Say No To A Cute And Cheerful Babies.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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