Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Tuesday 20th Of September 2016

This Will Be My Last Post For Today Thursday The 29th Of Sept. Kan Balik Awal Ku Since Its Tahlil Night And I Can Have A Short Nap Before Going To Bandar. Why Would I Say No To That Kan Kan Kan.

Standard Time Of Departure For Mr Wadi From Sg Tampoi Hehehehe. Udah Ku Check My Journey I Can Reach Kb In An Hour And 15 Mins Max Tapi Kalau Ku Menakan Atu Lain Cerita Laaa Hehehehe Opppss Sorry Syg Jan Mare.

My Wife Prepared Egg Sandwich For Breakfast Today. Nyumm Nyummm I Craved For Her Cheese And Tuna French Toast Tho.

My Routine Worklife. Boohoo!

Before Ku Balik. Singgah Umah Kajap. Then Aaaa Mulut Melangap. Babu Bali Celine Lagi???

Facebook Memories You Sure Knows How To Make Me Feel Bad. Kan Gundul Ku Kan Mau Kurang Kan Lagi Badan Jua. Hmmmm

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Tuesday Boring Tuesday"

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