Monday, September 26, 2016

Chit Chat A Bit

Wah Its Almost 11:30 Pm Its A Bit Quite Now. Just Sent Down My Wife's Niece To Her Parent Room. And My Wife Is Already Sound Asleep. I Supposed Its A Bad Move Having Nescafe Ice For Dinner.

Its Over A Month Now Since I Got Married. So Maybe Some Of You Would Want To Ask How It Felt To Be Married. Its The Best Feeling In The World. I Remember Nya My Ustaz Bercinta Sebelum Kawin Atu Capi Capi Kakal Tu And Yes I Partly Agree To What He Said. Being Married Felt Special. Its Real. Even A Few Cousins And Work Colleague Asked Me This Question. "Nyasal Kau Kan Kawin Lambat?" Hahaha.

Adakah Aku Nyasal? Not Really. Jodoh Terletak Di Tangan Allah. Kedia Yang Membari Kedia Jua Mengambil Balik. It Is Written That I Got Married At This Age. Who Am I To Say Menyasal.

The Daily Work Commute Was Tiring Though It Only Took Me An Hour 15 Minutes To Get From Sengkurong To Kb And Vice Versa But To Do It Everyday Was Just Tiring. So My Wife And I Worked Out A Schedule On How Many Times Aku Commute Up And Down In A Week. Kedia Pun Ikut Jua Commute Up And Down At Least Once A Week. Nganya Nda Ku Berapa Menggalakkan. Ingau Hatiku. Nda Jua Ya Maunya. Kesian Ya Kan Aku. Duit, Kereta And Badan Jarih. Hehehe Manasajatah. Ikut Saja Tia Kemahuannya. 

Bah Ani Tah Saja Dulu Aa. Esok Lagi Ku Update Blog Ani During My Ample Time. Mun Kan All The Time Nda Dpt Tu. Nda Siap Keraja Kang. So Taraaaaaaaa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Tata Titi Tutu"

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