Saturday, June 18, 2016

While On My Bed

Nak Tido But Menyampati Dulu Blogging. Since Its A Saturday And Its The Weekend. Actually I'm Loving The Ramadhan Working Hours. Its Basically Having 2.5 Days Off Rather Then The Usual 2 Days Weekend Off. Why? Well Since Friday The Office Hour Are From 8 Am Til 12 Noon. So The Rest Of The Day Off! How Great Is That. Iatah Siuk.

Not Much To Share Since I'm Updating My Blog Pakai Smart Phone.

Happy To Report I Managed To Reach Juz 8 Quicker Than I Thought. Atu Pun Since Saturday So Last Night While The House Was Quiet. My Mum And Sisters Bertedarus Di Rumah Rakan W.I Durg. And My Dad Meliat Tv Dalam Bilik And It Was Raining Heavily So Biasalah Namanya Astro Pebaik Byond. Udahnya Hujan Labat Atu Cd Rakat Tia.

So I Just Get Cracking On Juz 7 Managed To Finish Half Of It And Living The Rest After Solat Subuh. So I Managed To Lawan My Sleepiness And Alhamdulillah I'm Able To Get To The End Of Juz 7. So Esok I Tried To Recite Sebanyak Mampu And Hopefully By Subuh I Can Reach Juz 9. In Shaa Allah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Ahhhh Now Bleh Tidurrr"

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