Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lets Rant A Bit.

Let's Start This With A Big And Long SIGHHHHHHHHHH. 

When I Read This I Just Rolled My Eyes And I Thought Sekadar Jua Eh. And To Be Honest With You Lot I Won't Be Biased Jua Lah. 

As A Muslim We Have To Understand Apa Itu Puasa. Its Not Just About Berlapar Dan Dahaga. Its A Battle Against Our Desire. To Understand How To Live With Just Basic Necessities. To Hold Our Tongue. To Purify Our Heart And Mind. And To Beat Our Lust.

It Is Never About Us. No Selfishness. Sebab Atu Tani Dianjurkan Selalu Bersedekah. Also We Have To Understand That While Fasting Everything Around Us Is A Test. It Is Up To Us Whether We Are Up To A Task.

Now If You Guys Seen That Comment Of Mine. Respect Is Important. I'm Not Saying That The Non-Muslim Communities In This Country Should Follow Suit (Not Eating During Daylight). No! It Is Not Their Practice. Though For Saying That If You Are An Adult, A Local Born Then You Should Be Aware Of The Happening In The Month Of Ramadhan. Giving Out A Bit Respect By Not Eating In Public Would Be Much Appreciated. By Eating In Public Means Gobbling Up Your Food Infront Of Muslims Who Are Fasting While Walking Around In Shops Etc That Was A Bit Rude. If You're Eating In A Restaurant By All Mean Enjoy!

I Know Some Muslim Will Not Share This Same View But Then Again That Isn't Something New. Parents Need To Teach Their Children Respect. That Life Is Not Just About Us. 

It Is Not Fair Jua Kan To Put The Blame On The Lady. Probably On That Day She Was Under Duress. Stressed Out Kah Apa. We All Did That Whether We Want To Admit To It Or Not. And Yg Sedihnya Some People Milk This Individual Event As If They're Being Totally Discriminated Lah Apa. Come On Lah. You're Just Being Ridiculous. Plus Bukannya Adult Saja Yang Berpuasa Ah. Kanak - Kanak Pun Ada Jua Yang Berpuasa.

Again I'm Not Trying To Be Biased But In Fact I'm Not Siding At Anyone. We Should Practice Tolerance. Be More Aware Of Our Surrounding. Just Because One Set Of Rules Didn't Apply To You It Didn't Mean That You Can Act Like A Total Ignorant. We Should Educate Ourself Our Young Ones To Act Better.

Had A Good Laughed When I Posted This Status. Though For That I Did Felt Stupid By Doing So. Why? Well To Be Honest This Post Was Never Intended For The People Of Who Do The #Done Post. In Fact This Post Was Actually Intended For The People Who Keeps On Taking A Jibe At Those Post.

Okay I Do Get It. The Majority Would Say Luan Jua Eh. Ibadat Pun Kan Dibagitau. Show Off Jua Tu. Ikhlas Kan Tu? Riak Jua Tu. Well My Brothers And Sisters So Does Posting Gambar Pasungkaian Kitani. Mengambar Jam Tangan Sambil Migang Stereng Or Gambar Nutup Mua Sambil Menampakkan Jam. Or Posting Gambar Sinjang, Jam And Kasut Time Panggilan Atau Gambar Barang Yang Baru Diri Bali. Consider Show Off And Riak Jua Tu. And Before You Guys Said Aku Pun Sama Jua Hipokrit. I'm Talking About Myself. Nda Caya Checked Out The Photos Below.

Though For That I'm Posting This Uploads Pun Bukannya Kan Show Off But Merely Sharing. And Then Andang Udah Jadi Kebiasaan Ku Mem-post Gambar Cematu.

What I'm Trying To Say Here Is. Terpulang Kepada Diri Kitani Sendiri Bah. Cemana Tani Kan Menilai Tiap Tiap Satu Kejadian. Kitani Sebagai Org Islam Dianjurkan Untuk Sentiasa Bersangka Baik. Tani Nampak Org Atu Sembahyang. Why Can't We Change Our Mentality For Being A Total Negative To A More Open And Positive Person. Why Can't We Just Said Alhamdulillah. Ya Sembahyang. And Kalau Kitani Nda Terpakai Dengan Post Nya Atu. Why Can't We As A Muslim Doakan Dalam Hati Tani Sendiri. Ya Allah Syukur Dia Telah Mula Bersembahyang. Ya Allah Bukakan Lah Hatinya Untuk Sentiasa Beribadah Dan Tutupkan Lah Hatinya Dari Bersifat Riak And Kufur. 

So Jikalau Bagi Kitani Doing That Can Be Consider As Riak Then Don't Follow Suits. Allah Bagi Tani Free Will. Ya Bagi Tani Akal Dan Fikiran. Diberikan Kebebasan Untuk Membuat Pilihan. Akan Tetapi Setiap Perkara Atau Keputusan Yang Dibuat. Ada Balasannya.

Kitani Diberikan Kesempatan Untuk Berada Di Dalam Bulan Ramadhan. Diberikan Kesihatan Dan Kekuatan Untuk Mengerjakan Ibadah. Untuk Merebut Seberapa Banyak Peluang Dan Pahala Yang Telah Dijanjikan. Why We Wanna Spoil All That Dengan Membuang Masa Memikirkan Apa Yang Org Lain Buat. Remember This Org Atu Beramal. Pahalanya Tetap Diterima. Jikalau Ya Riak Ya Rugi. Biar Allah Taala Yang Menilai. Kitani Concentrate On Our Own. Jantah Ingau Apa Ya Buat. Takut Kang Dapat Dosa Mengumpat. Barang Yang Nda Ada Di Adakan. Jadi Fitnah. Nauzubillahi Minzalik. Padang Mashar Atu Basar. Tercari Kah Kitani Org Yang Tani Zalimi Untuk Meminta Maaf?

Coming Back To The Beginning Of This Post. Ayuh Tani Lawan Sifat Pemarah, Sikap Pentingkan Diri Sendiri, Sikap Hipokrit, Sikap Prejudis Yang Ada Dalam Diri Tani. Gunakan Peluang Yang Ada Untuk Membersihkan Hati Kitani. Its Just Us Against Ourself. Tanamkan Sifat Sabar Dalam Hati And In Shaa Allah Tani Akan Berjaya. 

Lets Us All From Now On Try To Practise A Bit More Tolerance. Give Out Respect To Everyone. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Ini Hanya Pandanganku. Feel Free To Disagree =)"

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