Monday, June 27, 2016

The Monday 27th Of June 2016

Sitting Down In An Empty House. I Felt Like Updating My Blog. Hehe The Families Went To Bandar Buying Some Groceries And Then Aku Nda Fancy Joining It. Why? Well For A Start I Didn't Have Enough Sleep For A Starter. Had A Headache Because Of That And I Was Just Tired.

Tidur Nda Cukup Then It Was Pouring So Imagine My Hardship Kan Bangun. Owh That Was Hard. Hahaha Sekadar. 

Shikin Really Spoilt Me With Fridge Magnet. Balik Balik Ku Nagih. Well Its Bloody Worth While.

Since Aku Nda Ikut Ke Bandar. Plus I Slept Most Of The Afternoon Only Able To Wake Up Half An Hour Before Sungkai. Nda Tah Ku Sampat Membali Mamam. Baik Jua Ada Jiran Sedakah. Syukur Tah Alhamdulillah Asal Makan N Isi Paot. There Are Poor People Who Struggle For A Decent Meal. In My Case I Was Just Being Lazy To Cook Or Buy Food. So It Will Be Absolutely Insulting To Whine About Food. Regardless Whether Its Nyaman Or Not.

The Good Thing About Eating Light Is That You Don't Feel Bloated And Then You Don't Easy So Maghrib, Isyak, Tarawih And Mengaji Al-Quran Nda Barat Rasanya.

And As A Result Of This. Semangat Ku Membaca. Time Lapas Sungkai Plang Tu. Time Tgh Hari Tadi. Berpajal Bah Membaca Ah. Mata Atu Luan Luan Mengantuk Kan Menghabiskan Membaca 50 Ayat Pun Ku Kiyal Kiyal. Iatah Cabarannya Tu Kan Jua Mengkhatamkan Before Syawal. Especially During Hari-Hari 10 Terakhir Ramadhan Ani. Bila Tani Udah Busy With Preps, Work Lagi Pastu Kalau Tidur Lagi Kurang. Memang Sangat Sangat Mencabar. Allah Saja Tahu. Especially Bagi Org Yang Alum Lancar Membaca Just Like Myself. 

And Then Monday Night Are Not Complete Without Game Of Thrones. Sadly Though This Was The Season Finale. And Damn It! Is There Any Lip Reader Out There Who Can Read What Lyanna Stark Whispered To Ned's Ear.

Looking Back At The Weekend. I Just Realized I Had A Great One. Sure The Travelling Was Tiring But It Was Well Worthed. Alhamdulillah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Monday Monday Monday"

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