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Abu Dharr (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) Reported: The Prophet (PBUH) Said, "Do No Belittle Any Good Deed, Even Meeting Your Brother (Muslim) With A Cheerful Face"


Monday, June 13, 2016

My First Day Of Puasa

Wanting To Share A Bit Of My First Day Of Berpuasa For This Year. Nothing Fancy Or Special With The Sungkai. We Just Don't Want To Go Overboard.

Barutah Terkanang Kan Ngantar My Second Baju For Raya This Year. Baik Jua Alum Full Lah Hehe.

While Waiting For Sungkai I Shown My Mum Two Videos That I Watched Earlier. Just Like My Mum I Cried While Watching It. Kesian Mo! Even Masa Ku Explain What's Going On Pun Aku Menyidak Kan Menangis. Boleh! Nak Tengok? Nak Kelik Dan Kelik Sediakan Tissue Kalau Meliat Aaaaa.

A Happy Man During Sungkai. Why? I Requested For Soup Ayam. Mum Made Some For Me. Yay!

Biasak. Jangan Kurang Gambar Hahaha.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"1st Day Of Puasa Just Passes By Like A Peach"

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