Monday, June 13, 2016

The Tuesday 7th Of June 2016

First Day Of Work In The Ramadhan Month Is The Day That I Never Looked Forward. Why? Antah Somehow This Is Always The Hardest Day Of Them All Hahaha.

Waking Up For Work Is One Of The Many Obstacles (Haha Sekadar). P Banar Eh U Have To Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night For Sahur And Then Nunggu Subuh Baru Tidur Balik. Yatah Udah Kan Bangun Balik For Keraja Atu Ah Timbul Malas Yang Sangat.

Luckily I Had To Go To Sg Bera Pasal Ada Kan Diperiksa. So I Can Afford An Extra 30 Mins In Bed Hehehe. Well The Reason Kenapa Aku Ambil Gambar Ani Pasal Cua Liat Tu Awan Ah. From Inside My Car It Looked Low. 

And Then Whoever That Invented Cruise Control. You Sir Are Genius. Thanks To Sonya's Cruise Control I Managed To Drive Back To The Office Just Under The Legal Speed. And Just As I Thought. There Was A Speed Trap At The Road Ahead. So Konpiden Lah Ku Walaupun Awal Atu Polis Menahan Aku Just To Confirm If I Broke The Speed Limit. Heh! I Didn't So Wadi 1 Police Force 0 :p

The Usual Spot For Car Park During Puasa Month. Namanya Jua Restaurant Tutup For Business Parking Saja Sini. Luan Bah Ah Pemalas Atu. Kalau Tah Dpt Siring Meja Bah Parking Ah.

First Time Under Tenaga. And Dapat Cara Melayu Waheiiiii. Mudahan Dpt Anugeraha For Raya Jua Haha. Ani Pun Kana Share Oleh My Friend Alum Lagi Ada Arahku.

To Be Honest I Was Totally Beaten That Day. It Was Super Hot. And It Gotten Into Me. Balik Atu Pun Tidur Tah Ku Saja Since I Was Suffering From Migraine Jua. Makin Kan Dakat Sungkai Makin Kanyat - Kanyat Bah Sekalinya Ngerajakan.

And Then Bilanya Udah Sungkai. 4 Biji Panadol Barutah Baik And That Feeling U Get During Puasa. Was Just Special Hehe.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"So Whats Next?"

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