Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Wednesday 29th Of June 2016

Subuhnya Berqiamullail And I Didn't Get Enough Sleep At All. Even Though I Woke Up Easy But I Feel A Bit Light Headed. And I Was Praying That My Body, My Head Would Be Alright Because I Have To Drive All The Way To Bandar.

As Soon As I Woke I Looked At The Window. Wah Tenang Jua Usul Pagi Ani. I Felt Massively At Ease. Once I Am Done Getting Ready. I Went Out The House Then I Looked Up At The Skies. Masha Allah That Is Beautiful. And I Thought Adakah Semalam Malam lailatul Qadar? I Have To Be Honest. Last Night Was So Much Different Then It Was At Malam 21 Ramadhan. Time Atu Ayam Jiran Malar Berkokok But At Malam 23 Ramadhan That Night Felt Quiet. It Has This Stillness Feel To It As If Everything Was At Ease. It Was A Total Silence. Even Though I Can Hear My Mum Reciting Her Al Quran From Her Room. Yet Somehow Everything Felt Easy, Just Imagine Saja Kalau Time Tutup Karan Waktu Malam. Its Quieter Than That. Iatah Ngam Lagi My Sister Nurul Menyediakan Makanan Sahur. I Told Her Leave Everything Go Pray Now. And She Understood Me Well. Antah Lah Ah. Wallahualam Kitani Hanya Dapat Mengagak. Atu Semua Rahsia Allah Subhanallah Taala. 

Yatah Yang Sebisai Bisai Oleh Ku Menyisir Rambut Without Having To Use Wax Hahaha Malas Mo Aku Kan Bergunting Dulu. Biar Ca Kan Dua Tiga Hari Kan Liat Anak Bulan Kang.

At One That Cloud Yang Tertutup Oleh Wayar Elektrik Atu Looked Likes Someone Flexing His Muscle Haa Haa Haa.

Driving Through The New Highway. Siuk Eh It Cut Downs Driving Time To 10 Minutes As Of 20 Mins Melalui Kawasan Telisai. Worse 30-40 Mins During Heavy Traffic Especially During Rush Hour.

The Reason Aku Turun Ke Bandar Ada Beberapa Sebab. Antaranya Ada A Small Taklimat Regarding Us Guys X-Bina Staff Yang Now Kana Tempatkan Di Darussalam Enterprise. Okay Cani Last Week We Received A Letter From Eidpmo Regarding Our Placement Di Darussalam Enterprise. Nganya Nda Berapa Clarified Dalam Letter Atu When And What What Lah Tu Ah. 

So Here Are A Couple Ladies From DARe's Corporate Division Aka Admin Kami Lah Tu. To Explain To Us Yang For Now Kami Ani Masih Lagi Government Servant Sehingga 31 Mac 2017. Why? Pasal Kami Punya Enrollment Gaji Masih Dalam Budget JPM. So By 1st April 2017. Officially Aku Will No More A Government Servant And Will Be Fully Employed By DARe. 

Yatah Kemarin Kira Sesi Luahan Hati. Plus We Have To Let Go Or Inform Them Apa Yang Kami Resahkan And Such. Lagipun Yang Menyusahkan Hati Pasal Gaji Apa. We Did Mentioned Lah Pasal Atu Amongst Other Thing Yang I Cannot Publicly Shared Hehe.

Met Ur With Khun Rascal Pasal Aku Minta Dangani Kedia Meriki Kadai Org Menjual Kain Jong Sarat. So Ronda-ronda Lah Kami Sekajap.

And I Thought Eh Aku Craving Lah Kan Mc-D So Luckily The New Mc-D Restaurant Buka Udah Di JP And It Has A Drive Thru Facility. Stop By And Get Myself Some Foldover Lazeez! I'm A Happy Boy!

And I Checked My Email. Aiiii Kasut Ku Kana Despatched Udah Waheeeiii. And If You Guys Can See That Z Sign Top Left Corner. That My Zalora Notifications. Order Kami Is On Its Way Hahahahahahahha Sekadar!

TBH Yesterday I Was Totally Beaten. Mind You I Only Have A Few Hours Of Sleep. And Then The Weather In The Afternoon Was Super Duper Hot And As A Result Of That I Got Hit By A Bad Migraine. Even After A Few Panadol Extend Pun Didn't Sort It. Last last By 9pm. All Lights Was Out. I Was Struggling While Aku Sembahyang Isya. I Was Basically Slurring During Mengaji And I Thought Gila Ni. I Need A Break. Texted The Fiancee Then Just Zzzzz Til Sahur. And It Was The Best Sleep Ever!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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