Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Monday 20th Of June 2016

I Dare Say This A Progressive Blog. Meaning? I Am Updating This Post As The Day Progress. So I Might Not Be Posting Up Early But I Am Saving It As Draft And Add Up A Lil Bit More Contain As The Day Progress Lah Tu Ah. Haaaa Ini Baru Dinamakan Progesif Blogger. Haha Sekadar! Okaylah Since Today Was  Surprisingly Free. Berkat Berabis Menyiapkan Keraja Last Week. So Santai Tah Ku Saja Today. Thank God For That!

While I Was On My Way To Work I Saw This Old Pak Cik Walking All The Way To Wisma Yakin. Membari Kesian Nyamo Kakinya Lagi Bangkak. So Wahai Kb-Ians. If You Saw Him Offer A Ride. Walaupun I Know Most Of The Time He Will Reject. "Dakat Sudah. Dakat Sudah" Nya. 

The Monday Morning Face That I Wore Today. Suffered A Bit From Muscle Strain On My Shoulder Or Nya Org Kitani Salah Bantal. Owh And I Haven't Gunting My Rambut Haa Haa Haa.

Did A Lil Shopping Today. Heh Bisai Harga Atu. But Nda Apalah Bukan Selalu And I Bought My Dad A Few Polo Shirts Jua. And Aku Lupa Buy One Pair Of Jeans Jua. Kacau Eh. Ish Ish Ish.

As Of 4:18pm Sampai Pun Hajat Kan Ngabis Kan Juz 9 Before Maghrib. So Ani Break Daulo Later Get Cracking On Juz 10 And Kalau Dapat And Sanggup Kan Disampaikan Juz 11. Hehe In Shaa Allah.

I Went Back Home Late Because I Really Want To Concentrate On My Quran Recital. Then Bila Balik Singgah Dulu Di Excapade. Nak Menyampaikan Liur Ku Yang Bukan Bukan Ani Daulo.

A Man Is Happy When His Belly Is Full. So Do You Get The Picture. Nda Plang ku Terabis. Kinda Menyasal Ku Jua. Banyak Membali.

Monday Night Is Complete While Watching The Latest Episode Of Game Of Thrones. How I Yelled Out Loud Last Night! Redemption! 6 Years In Waiting. Satisfied For Now.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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