Monday, May 30, 2016

The Saturday Night

Since Its Been Awhile Kami Dua Nda Keluar Malam. So Biasak Lah. My Fiancee Said Jalan Malam Tani. So I Said Yes. Sunday Nda Payah Jalan. Stay Home Saja.

Been Wanting To Dine In This Place Ever Since My Friend Shared It On Whatsapp Group.

My Fiancee Ordered Ice Peach Tea. While I Just Had Tea With Honey And Lemon. Wanted To Try The Signature Krema Coffee But I Don't Want That To Worsen My Cough So Atu Tah Saja.

 Awalnya Tunang Ku Ani Nda Kan Mau Makan Malam. Uhuk! Sekali Nampak Ya Ada Chicken Salad Atu. Taus Ngorder Eh Hahahaha.

This Is What I Craved For. Chicken Panini. It Was Delicious. I Might Have Another One Soon. Banarrrr Ketagih Ku. 

Take 1 Lerrrr Meliat Ke Kiri Lah Pulak. Haha.

Take 2. Lohhhh Kok Matanya Sepet.

Take 3 Senyummmmm :-*

And That Ladies And Gentlemen Was The Only Time I Went Out During The Weekend.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"The Krema. I Really Recommend It"

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