Friday, May 27, 2016

Thursday The 26th Of May 2016

Just Another Day With Work Aaaa. Just Another Day With Inspection. Before That I Dropped My Mum At Lambak Kiri Since She Will Be Cooking For Tonight's Tahlil.

It Was Super Duper Hot Yesterday. Hehe Hangat Berabis Even Tap Water Pun Ikut Panas.

Off To Lambak Kiri. Totally Forgot About The Rush Hour. Heh! The Part That I Don't Miss About Living In Bandar.

Sampai Lambak Kiri And Guess Who Was Around. Ahmad Khasyiiiiii!

Share This Photo With My Fiancee. Just Look At That Cheeky Smile.

Then I Asked Him To Gambar Lagi. Hence That Pose. Konon Malu hahaha

Then Liat Tv. Wayang Cerita Apakah. Lupa Ku. Cua Liat Tu Jari Ku Nda Lapas Aa Haha

Quite A Long List For Tonight. The Cough Certainly Didn't Help.

Actually Last Night Acara Kluarga Balah Bungsu Bini Ku. So He Told Me To Lead The Procession.

Left My Phone For A Few Moments. Daughter And Son Used It For Selfie! Ish!

Arrived Home At Almost Midnight. Boy I'm Tired! Esok G Kerja Ish!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Friday Then The Weekend!"

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