Monday, May 30, 2016

A Bit Of Friday The 2th Of May 2016

Friday. What Should I Say About Friday. This Was Last Friday Aaa. Mun Ku Kan Bercerita Pasal This Coming Friday Payah Jua Tu. I Haven't Any Psychic Power To See Into The Future.

I Turned Up To Work Wearing Sandals. Thank God That I Do Not Have To Join My Colleague For A Site Inspection. Totally Looked De-motivated. I Just Cannot Wait For The Working Hours To End. I Even Turned To Work Late.

Pretty Much Just Sit Down And Finished A Few Reports. Nothing Significant. The Internet Sucks Do. I Do Believe We Ran Out Of Data. Again! Hairan Ku. Aku Nda Jua Banyak Mendownload This Month. In Fact The Last Few Months Pun The Data Is Still Alright. Kenapa Ya This MOnth Boleh Abis Atu. Hairan Bin Ajaib.

Batuk Sucks! Antah Nda Tah Mau Baik Usulnya Batuk Ku Ani. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Weekend = Laziness"

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