Thursday, May 12, 2016

Whining Thursday

Well I Have Been Wanting To Express A Few Things In My Blog But Work And Laziness Preventing Me To Do So. Bah Maietah Lakas. Haa Haa Haa.

Sometime I Wonder What Do This Kind Of People Think. Okay I Do Agree Walaupun Pernah Dalam Khutbah Menegur Pasal Pakaian Jemaah Yang Bersolat Jumaat Tapi Do We Really Need To Blame Those Who Are Wearing Their Work Attire? That Is So Ignorant Of Him.

The Thing Is Why Do We Have To Blame Others For What Was Happening In Our Own Backyard. Atu Budaya Kitani Bah. And What I Mean By Budaya Is That Ia Udah Menjadi Trending To Some Of Us. Kes Malas Kan Bertukar Pakai Saja Baju Bagas Berjalan. Do I Agree With It No. Lainlah Kalau Diri Org Belait Berjalan Ke Bndr Or Vice Versa Atu Dipahami. Tapi Kalau Diri Nda Berkeraja But Masih Turn Up Ke Masjid Catu Then You're Just Being Lazy To Change. So From That Laziness Jadi Tia Budaya. Yang Kesiannya Org Luar Disalahkan. Come On Man! Kitani Dibagi Akal Dan Fikiran Untuk Menilai Mana Yang Baik Dan Buruk. Mana Yang Elok Dan Kurang Elok.

And When He said Sembahyang Jumaat Mcm Hari Raya. Well Looked At The Date. Masjid Di Brunei Ani Makin Banyak Kana Dirikan. And Alhamdulillah During Sembahyang Jumaat Nda Jua Sunyi Masjid. Tu Nah During Sembahyang Fardhu Lima Waktu Perlu Diliat. Ehemmm Aku Pun Kira Cakap Pasal Diriku Sendiri Jua And Terasatah Ku Tu Jua Sal Aku Jarang Ke Masjid For Sembahyang Fardhu Hehe.

I Don't Mind Seeing This Being Shared Around Because Its The Truth But Most Of The Time I Saw This Being Circulated Around Was During Mother's Day. Come On Man. Any Good Person Will Always Remember Their Parents. And I Mentioned Any Good Person. Meaning Everyone. Every Colour, Race & Religion. And More Importantly Us As Muslims. We Should Always Be Grateful And Respectful To Our Parents.

So What Is Wrong in Saying Happy Mother's Day Or Happy Father's Day During It Designated Day. Didn't Mean The Rest Of The Year We Ignore Them. What Give You The Right To Assume Those Muslims Who Celebrate Mother's Day With Their Moms Only Remember Their Mom On That Actual Day? And When You Actually Come Up To Them And Speak About This. The Will Cheekily Said Eh No I Was Just Reminding. Well Who Are You Kidding? You're Just Sitting There On Your Arses Sharing This While Those Guys Actually Making The Effort To Go Out. Spend Some Quality Times With Their Family While You Just Being Stuck In Your Little Media Social World Stalking Someone's Account Soon After Sharing This.

I'm Not Saying It Is Utterly Wrong To Remind People But Before We Do That Think. See The Positive In Everything. Maybe They've Been Busy With Their Work. They're Taking Advantage Of This Day To Actually Get Together As A Family And Have Some Quality Time. Most Do This Untuk MengZahirkan Rasa Sayang Pada Ibu Atu Saja. As A Son/Daughter We Can Never Ever Be Able To Repay Our Parents Deed. Never Ever! Let Others Hargai Ibu Durg Dengan Cara Durg. Kitani Hargai Ibu Kitani Dengan Cara Kitani. Salah Kah?

This Really Cross Me. Yes I Do Admit I Did Saw The Video. I Rolled My Eyes And I Thought Haiyaaaaaaa Dang. Really. Then That's It. I Just Ignore It Because That Is The Best Thing To Do. Nganya Somehow Org Brunei Ani. Antah Sampai Membuat Video Trying To Make Fun Of Them. Mengikut Keulahan Durang. 

Udah Atu Di Share Lagi Any New Videos From Them Then Di Sumpah Sumpah. And Then Everyone On The Comment Box Pun Ikut Nyumpah. Why? Why Bagi Durg The Limelight They Don't Deserve. And Why Buat And Kumpul Dosa?

I Heard Somebody Mentioned About Keruntuhan Akhlak. And To Be Honest. As Hard It Is For Me To Accept That. Memang Nampak Dan Nyata. Scary To Think Of The Future And Cabaran For Parents.

Iatah The Best Thing To Do Is Just Ignore. Scroll Down. Better Yet You Can Always Block This Kind Of Update On Your Timeline. Or Kalau Dalam IG. There Is The Unfollow Button. Why Do You Want To Meddle About. Them Being Petulant Kids And Us Guys Being The Adult. They're Moment Where We Can Act Like Children Just For Kicks And Laugh. For Most Of The Time Best We Act Like An Adult.

Hahaha I Love This. This Is To The Point. Terasa? No Worries Aku Pun Pandai Talur Jua Deh. Nganya Nowadays I Try To Pull Myself Away From Unwanted Petty Argument. Save My Heart A Great Deal. It Is Frustrating When You Keep On Seeing That Video. I Gave A Big Sigh When I Saw It Being Shared Or People Around Me Talks About It. 

So I End This Whining Post. Its Been Fun Haa Haa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Nak Terasa Silakan. Taknak Pun Silakan :p"

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