Hadith Rasulullah SAW

Abu Dharr (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) Reported: The Prophet (PBUH) Said, "Do No Belittle Any Good Deed, Even Meeting Your Brother (Muslim) With A Cheerful Face"


Monday, May 23, 2016

The Friday 20th Of May 2016

And That One Friday That I've Been Waiting For. Bukan Plang Pasal Melawat Or What Not Ah. Saja Because Its A Friday And Its Been Quite A Long Week.

When I Was At The Last Place Hehehe And I Thought Wow Im Hungry!

The Usual Lah Tu Ah. Udah Ku Di Bandar Ani. Iatah Tampat Yg Ku Selalu Go For Solat Jumaat.

Then Selasai Dari Masjid Rehat Kaja Di Car Park While Waiting For 2 Pm. Then Taus Ke Kiulap Gunting Rambut.

Then Rendzevous With Jirul And Uncle Roy At Jing Chew. Atu Bebanar Ku Makan. Lapar Bro. Nda Tah Ku Kira Lagi Hehe.

And That Was My Friday. Yahoo!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Weekend Baby"

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