Thursday, April 07, 2016

Tuesday The 5th Of April

Well Then Lets Get It On Hehehhe.

Aiseymen Berbaju Bersongkok Songkok. Nak Pegi Mana Tu Wadi Cantik Cantik Ni?

Owh Saya Nak Pergi Kursus Nikah Pak! Hahaha Lame.

So First Session And Day One Of Pre Marital Course Begins Today. And I Really Thought This Gonna Be A Snooze Fest But Actually I Was Far Fetched From It. I Really Do Enjoy It And I Learned A Lot From Our Instructor. Mudahan Allah Merahmati Hidupnya.

Then I Got A Called From At Tamwil That My Re-Finacing Loan Was Approved. Wow Alhamdulillah. So Selasai Kursus Nda Ku Masuk Ofis. Endorsed My Car Insurance. Signed A Few Papers And Voila That Was Settled.

Went Back Home Straight After And Watched The Big Short. Had A Hard Time Trying To Understand It But At The End I Kinda Get The Hang Of It. Its A Good Movie. Will I Watch It Again? No!

Muka Happy Sebab Sesi Kedua Hari Pertama Kursus Pra Perkahwinan Dah Selesai Haa Haa Haa.

After Maghrib I Went To Gerai Tudung Saji For My Night Run. This Was Taken After.

Notice The Two Different Route. The First Pic Was The Usual Route I Took. Just A Slow Jog Did 3 Rounds Of It And Then As A Finishing Round I Went A Few Meters Further Not Bad Though. Almost Hit 3Km.

Why I Run At Night? Well Its To Hot Out There. And By Time I Got Back At Work I Was Feeling Tired So I Had My Nap Before Maghrib. Sembahyang Then Run. Got Back Around 8 Pm. Shower Isya And Then Light Dinner. Well Hopefully This Regime Will Work.

I Was Pretty With My Fitness And I Thought Wow Nada Sore Nada Apa. How Wrong I Was. Tgh Hari Wednesday My Right Knees Was So Sore That I Was Basically Limping The Whole Day. Cancel Lah Lusir Malam On Wednesday. Ish!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Still Tho That Was A Great Run!"

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