Thursday, April 07, 2016

Friday The 1st Of April

Saw This Movie In The Wee Hours Of Friday Morning. Found One Website Where It Stream Movies And The Connection Was Brilliant. Since I Have To Drive To Bandar Early In The Morning. Terpaksa Tah Ku Cut Short My Movie. Hehehe Tidur Itu Perlu.

The Usual Ni Redoxon Ah For Breakfast. Banartah Especially With The Weather These Days. Batuk, Sakit Kerongkong Atu Mudah. So Took A Few Of These To Help Strengthen Your Immune System. Well Kalau Kan Sakit Jua Kan. Namanya Atu Semua Kehendak Allah. Akan Tetapi Allah Nda Pernah Melarang Kitani Untuk Berusaha Agar Badan Sentiasa Sehat. Ani Semua Anugerah Darinya Jua.

First I Had To Stop By The Office For A Few Errands But I Can Actually Start My Journey.

First Issue Of The Day. Hahahah Sekadar. I Was Concerned About The State Of Safetiness Along That Bend. Okay Kalau Org Yang Selalu Lalu Sini Andang Awas But What If Kalau Org Atu Jarang Lalu? Last Night I Was Driving Along This Area And Then The Road Was Widen But It Was Poorly Lit. The Signals That Was Being Used Were No Way Sufficient Enough. What Concerned Is That Especially On The Bend There Was No Proper Signage People Could Drive Straight Into That Drop. Nauzubillahi Minzalik.

Second Issue. Actually Kalau Diikut Driving Experienced Ku Masa Otw Balik Kb Last Night Was That This Area Yang Ku Ijap. Why? This Place Was Dark. And Last Night The Put On The Barrier Pasal Ada Keraja Mengusai Jalan. It Wasn't There Earlier When I was On My Way To Bandar.

Kali Otw Balik Atu I Saw A Car Mengajut Ke Kanan As If Macam Kan Melanggar Those Safety Barriers. Rupanya They Closed Half The Lane Due To Road Construction. What Upset Me The Most Was That Kereta Dari Bandar Masuk Lane Kereta Dari Kb And Kereta Dari Kb Was Basically Had To Drive On The Road's Shoulder. And Nobody Was There To Warn Us. No One Holding A Blinkers To Warn The Coming Traffic. There Were No Proper Signage On Road Diversion. At One Point Ada Kereta Sikit Lagi Kan Berlanggar. I Had To Stop For A While Just To Wait For My Tua And Other Cars At The Back To Close Down Baru Ku Berjalan So That They Are Aware Of The Diversion. So Straight From That I Just Called E-Darussalam And Filed A Report. And Alhamdulillah Jua The Last Time Aku Lintas That Area. Ada Udah Proper Signage Apa. So My Advice To You Guys Out There. Jangan Takut Buat Aduan. Tani Hanya Menolong Membari Aduan And Pandangan Bukannya Kan Mencari Salah. Ani Hanya Untuk Keselamatan Bersama. Nda Ja.

Breakfast Di Kereta. Heheh Honestly Preparing Food For Urself Ani Ada Jua Bagusnya. Nya My Fiancee Its More Hygienic Sal Tani Sendiri Yang Prepare. And More Importantly It Saved You From Spending Too Much. Plus If You're Interested Kan Loose Weight. Cook Your Own Food So You Know The Calories Bla Bla Bla.

Sampai Opis And It Looked Super Sunyi. Expected Plang Since Its Cuti Sekolah And Most Probably Jua Most Of The Guys Were At The Site Checking Up On Projects.

I Had Meeting With The Rest of The Revenue Team. Mostly On Checklist For Revenue Collection Since DARe Would Be On Its Own. Too Much Challenges If I Must Add. A Bit Of Confusing At Times Jua. And Messy Hahahah Because Everybody Was Still Caught With Doing Their Own Task From Their Previous Offices. I Must Admit The Transation Phase Was And Still Are Frustrating. 

If In The Future. Your Office Are Going Through What I Am Going Through Right Now My Best Advice Is Stay Positive. Keeps On Asking Question To The Decision Makers. Rumours Would Only Stresses You Out. Believe Me When I Say That.

Macam Biasalah. Jumaatan Di Sini. Nganya If Aku Keraja Di Bandar Again Next Week Then Baiktah Aku Sembahyang Di Masjid Berdekatan Sengkurong. Why?

This Is The Second Time Aku Lunch Di Umah Tunangku. And Kesian Jua Kedia Menunggu Aku Sampai Umah Barutah Kan Makan. Dari Jalan Menteri Besar Di Airport Lama Ke Sg Tampoi Atu Kira Jauh Jua And Lama Jua Ya Menunggu Hahahaha. Plus Side Is Nda Plang Heavy Banar Traffic At That Time If I'm Being Honest.

Went To Kiulap For A Haircut Then I Caught Up A Friend So Sampat Lah Ku Snapped Ya Haha.

Handsome? Hahahahha Minta Puji Bah. Totally Change My Hair Style. Sangal Ku Udah Kan Side Cut Lah Slick Back Lah Apa. Just Cut It A Lil Shorter So I Can Have A Few Hairstyles To Wear.

Rendzevous With My Parents At My Amit's Place In Rimba. Had A Wedding Invitation To Attend. Bila My Tua Tanya Eh Panggilan Kau Jua. I Plainly Answered Atas Titah Perintah Babu Tua. Mesti Ikut Panggilan Pasal Aku Kan Kawin. Hahaha And Nya Tua Bini Lurusssssssssss!

At The Same Time Jua Jazia Ada. Active Sangat. Pandai Lagi Tu Ter Mamam Mamam. And Then Cua Liat Mua Org Kambang Bergambar Aaa.

Amongst The Photos That Kami Share Arah Family Group Chat Haha Sampat Bah Lagi Bergambar Atu.

And Then Convoy Balik Kb With My Parents. And Arrived Just Before Midnight. Owh I'm Gonna Enjoy The Weekend. More Like I'm Gonna Sleep For Most Of My saturday Nyahahahaha Owh Sleep I Had!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
"That Was Tiring"

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