Monday, April 25, 2016

Thursday The 21st Of April

And Then Come Thursday. And As Usual Thursday Will Be Our Tahlil Night. This Week Though It Was Held At My Family's Home. So Yay No Need To Commute To Bandar.

But First Let Me Enjoy My Brunch. We Really Thought We Gonna Have Another Site Inspection With Bandar Team. Panya Salah Info. Kami Saja Dulu For Now. So Yatah Ku Malar Baju Biasa Keraja Ani. 

Kinda Over Cooked My Sandwich. Karing Rasa Chix Sandwich Ku. Hahaha Cuai Eh. Lapar Punya Pasal Makan Saja Lah. Bedal Sajalah. Rezeki Dari Allah. Jantah Komplen.

It Was A Morning And Afternoon Event But Luckily We Managed To Finish Our Afternoon Session Early. Aku Pun Dapat Jua Balik Awal. Bukan Plang Kan Membuyuk But Since Nda Berorang Di Umah And Preparation Pun Banyak Kan Di Buat So Terpaksa Tah Aku Awal Balik.

When I Arrived Home. I Have This Hanging Around. Just Arrived That Morning. Really Thought Ya Sampai On Friday As Informed In My Email.

Shared It With My Fiancee. And Her Reaction Was Yahoo!

Mum Giving Her Nod Of Approval. Bah Mun Kau Berusin Lagi Adimu Jangan Lupa Ah. Honestly Aku Pun Kan Membalikan Durang But Knowing That This Bag Is Very Popular. Yatah Nganya Yang Ku Ampit Tu Membali. Atu Pun Balik Balik Ku Memajal.

Mum Briyani Was The Bomb. MOdified The Taste A Bit Pasal Ada Kurang. And After That It Was Just Super Delicious. And Then Mum Asked Me To Taste Her Dalca. And It Tasted Perfect On First Taste. Told Her Bu Mun Ada Murtabak Cantik Ni. So Gave My Dad Duit And Asked Him To Beli Murtabak.

Tuhan Saja Tahu How Hard It Was For Me To Resist The Temptation To Super Indulge The Food.

The Fiancee Can't Join Us This Week. Still Though She Was Sweet Enough Tu Belikan Us A Few Munchies. The Brownies Was Epic.

Time To Fire Up This. The Whole House Smell Like Ash - Shaliheen Mosque.

As Usual Lah Tu Ah. Ustat Mode On! Heheheh Alhamdulillah Full House This Week.

Food Food Food Galore Hehehe. Hopefully Everyone Were Happy With The Food.

Ali IMRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"And My Thursday Ended Early! Zzzzz"

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