Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Saturday The 23rd Of April

I Must Admit. My Saturday Was So Quite. Well Asalnya Aku Atu Kan Ke Kianggeh Ama My Mum And Sis But Since My Sister Nurul Kandung Keraja On Saturday Cancel lah. So My Saturday Has Become A Lazy Lazy Saturday.

Nda Ku Expect Eh Yang Banarnya My Watch Ani Sampai Capat Usually Walaupun Makai DHL Kakal Lidut Sampainya. So When Ada Org Meng Hon Panya Ytah Udah Ni. Yipeee!

Yang Ani Aku Expect Sampai On Saturday. My Fiancee Asked Me To Order For Her So Well Done Zalora You Guys Never Seems To Fail Me. Well If Only That Polo Shirt I Bought ATu Muat Ku Makai. Ish!

Saturday Night Run About. I'm Loving My New Regime. Instead Of Running A Far Which I Easily Got Bored. I'm Just Doing It By The Minutes Saja. Once I Done Jogging Around. Stretch A Lil Bit Then I Did Sets Of Sprint And Such. 

In Shaa Allah Tuesday Malam Buat Lagi. Siukkkk

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Saturday Night Off!"

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