Monday, April 04, 2016

Chapter 36

Alhamdulillah Today Monday The 4th Of April 2016 Marks The End Of Chapter 35 And The Beginning Of Chapter 36. As My Fiancee Said Yesterday Bersyukur Umur Panjang Merasa Hidup Sampai 36 Tahun Hehe.

I Know I Know That Is A Very Lame Design Of A Poster But Hey Whatever That Make Do Lah Aaaaa.

Caught It Just In Time Hehehe. I Think My Family Forgotten It Was My Birthday Today. Huhuhuhu Sad! At Least I Gotta Sleep Peacefully Nda Kan Badak Mua Nyahaha. 

And Of Course Things That You Expect From DST. Free Stuff Since Your Birthday. Just Wish PCSB Was A Bit Nicer As Well But Then Apa Jua Kan Durang Bagi. Since My Data Plan In Unlimited. Hmm A 50% Discount On My Bills During My Birthday Month Will Be Sweeet. Hahahah Wishful Thinking Sangatlah Engkau Wadi!

Least My HTC One Plus Didn't Forget My Birthday. Huh!

Though For Saying That Its A Good Day To Be Smiling About. Its A Blessing. A Lot Of Friends Sending Out Greetings And Mendoakan Aku. So Smile And Be Grateful For It Hehe.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"And Here Is To The Journey Towards 37"

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