Thursday, October 22, 2015

Waiting For The End.

Waiting For The End To Come. Wishing I Have Strength To Stand. This Is Not What I Have Planned. Its Out Of My Control. Flying At The Speed Of Light. Thoughts Were Spinning In My Head. So Many Things Were Left Unsaid. It's Hard To Let YOu Go.

Owh I Know What It Takes To Move On. I Know How It Feels To Lie. All I Want To Do. Is Trade This Life For Something New. Holding On To What I Haven't Got.

Sitting In An Empty Room. Trying To Forget The Past. This Was Never Meant To Last. I wish I Wasn't So.

Owh I Know What It Takes To Move On. Owh I Know How It Feels To Lie. All I Want To Do. Is Trade This Life For Something New. Holding On To What I Haven't Got.

What Was Left When The Fire Was Gone? I Thought It Felt Right But tHAT Right Was Wrong. All Caught Up In The Eye Of Storm  And Trying To Figure Out What It's Like Moving On. And I Don't Know What Kind Of Things That I've Said. My Mouth Kept Moving And My Mind Went Dead. So, Picking Up The Pieces, Now Where To Begin.



At First I Was Sitting In Front Of My PC Contemplating What To Do First Because I Have A Ton To Do. Then Linkin Park's In The End Was Playing In The Radio And I Thought Hey Its Been Awhile Since I Listen To Linkin Park. Browse Mp3 Files. Searching For Linkin Park Then I Saw This Song. 

Honestly I Totally Forgot That I Have It In My Collections And I Figure Yeah Why Not Let's Listen To It. I Don't Feel Like Doing  Any Work At This Moment So Why Not Just Enjoy A Few Songs. Then Chester's Voice Came In And Bloody Hell This Song Hits Me Straight In The Face. Listen To It Closer And Voila Hence This Blog Began.

To Be Honest This Words Are Not The Whole Lyric To The Song But I Begin This Post With The Part That Hit Me The Most. 

This Song Remind Of The Time When I Was Feeling Low. Being In A Relationship Where I Know Too Well It Won't Last. Kept On Lying To Myself It Will Last Though I Know For A Fact It Won't. Somehow I Just Keep On Staying And Staying. Suddenly Life Hits Me On The Backside And As Honest As My Feelings Is. As Real As The Relationship Are. Its Still Wrong. You Wanted It To End. Yet I Keep On Holding Hard To It Even The Sign Beginning To Show. The Conversation Felt Short. You Started To Feel The Distance. Yet You Keep On Telling. Jangan Menjauh. Then Suddenly It Ends. Just Like That. That Very Moment It Felt Like Thor Just Whacked You In The Chest With His Mighty Hammer.

At The End Of The Day. What You Have Is Gone. You Sit Down There Contemplating. What You Have Gained, Wasted And Wish For. Moving On Is Not The Problem.

Starting Over When You Have Gave So Much Of Yourself Is The Part You're Scared Off.

The End.


You Can't Be Naive To Think That You Will Forget Your Past. When You Said To Anyone That You Totally Forget About One Certain Of The Past. That Is Just Your Hurting Pride Telling Them. No Matter How Hard You Blocked 'Em It Will Keep On Playing Back.

The Present. Alhamdulillah. Life Turns Out Better. And Even If There Is Hardship. I Still Am Grateful For It. I'm Not Blaming Anyone For Anything. Its Life. Just A Story Of My Life. I Once Said No Matter If It Was The Right Or The Wrong Decision. I'm The Person Responsible For Choosing It. And I Have To Live By It. Live A Life Where You Always Tell Yourself. At The End Of The Road There Will Always Something Beautiful Waiting. You Probably Won't See It Yet But Once You Earned It. Everything Around You Will Looks, Sound, Taste And Smell Better In Shaa Allah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Phylosophical Sangat Lah Kau Wadi"

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