Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday The 4th Of October

Okay Another Bandar Trip I Mean Kalau Kamu Kan Cuba Ingatkan Ah. Its Less Than A Week Since My Parents Balik Dari Menunaikan Fardhu Haji. This Time Ada Family Gathering Kira Family Meeting Di Umah My Uncle. It was Only Last Friday I Was In Bandar For A Few Hours Before Going To Miri.

Purposely Not Having Any Lunch At My Uncle's Place Because My Dad Gtau Jom Mamam Di Aqil Syafie Di Jerudong (not Sure Lurus Ejaan Restaurant) The Food Wise? Worth A Tried. Will I Be Coming Back? Not In An Instant. The Green Curry That I Ordered? Honestly Disappointing Because Selama Ani Perasaan Ku Green Curry Pelikat Ani Cair. I Could Be Wrong Tho. How I Miss That Small Thailand Food Restaurant Di Bunut Atu.

Well Dad Told Her Go Get Another One For Yourself. And Then Also Mum Kan Upgrade Amas My Lil Sister Pasal Yang Current Hook Nya Patah. So I Was There Sitting Waiting And Then Mengambang Arah One Of The Sales Assistant. Well Ya Bawa Cerita And Baibun. Aku Layan. Darinya Ku Langap Langap Meliat Durg Berunding. Azan Maghrib Save The Moment. Dpt Ku Left Them For Solat.

Time To Upgrade To New Phone. Cani Ceritanya These Last Few Weeks I've Been Browsing To Buy A New Phone. Pasalnya Camera My HTC One M7 Was Literrally Poor On Low Light. I Needed It Because Of My Work Jua. And Then Before My Dad Belayar Aku Atu Berhajat Kan Beli Vivo Y35 Because It Looks Great. The Camera Pun Very Good And It Has A Premium Looks. Though For That Ku Hold Pasalnya Aku Atu Mikirkan Specnya Pun My HTC Yang Bagus Sayang Jua Ku Downgrade. Nda Tah Ku Jadi. Sekali Malam Hari My Parents Balik Dari Menunaikan Haji. My Dad Bawa Jalan Lapas Isya Sal Ia Kan Membali Hp Baru. His Samsung S4 Hilang Dalam Taxi D Makkah. Luckily Simkad Brunei Ada Ya Menyimpan. So That Night He Bought A Vivo X5Pro And At The Same Time I Was Checking Out A Lenovo Phone S90. Kali Last Last Nda Jua Ku Jadi Walaupun My Dad Said Baguna Kau? I Opted Of A 500 Gb Hard Disk Saja.

So That Sunday Browse Ku Lagi Di Mobile City. First LG Then Ahirnya Ke HTC M8 Plus Tah Ku Pilih. My Dad Tanya HTC Lagi Kang Complain About The Camera Quality. Told Him Atu Problem Arah M7 Saja Pasal After System Upgrade Something Happen With The Sensor Hence It Has Purplish Hue When The Sensor Get Hot Due To Low Light. The New One Will Not Have The Same Problem.

It Does Looks Like An Iphone 6 To Some Especially With Its Gold Colour. So After Over A Week Using This. My Verdict? Well Its An HTC. I Love The Camera. Didn't Take Long To Charge It. And The Battery Lasted Longer Than My Old Phone Well Biasak Lah Tu Aa Since Its A New Phone But Overall I'm Loving It.

And Yes I Still Appreciate My Old Phone. They're Some Game That Is Still Plays. Nganya Aku Menyasal Jua Lah Aku Atu Mendelete Whatsapp App. Nda Ku Realize Kalau Delete Whatsapp App All The Photos Yang Share Through Whatsapp Nda Dapat Di Liat. Yang Ku Sayang Tu Nah My Photos Of Me With Late Grandma. Especially Video Yang Memberikan Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya Untuk Anak Cucu Then Kedia Gigiran Pasal My Cuz Main Badil And Menyabut Pucun_ Nyahahahaha. 

And This Marks The Moment I Started To Be Sicklish, Feverish, Coughing And Cold!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"When Go HTC You Won't CTH"

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