Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thursday The 29th Of October

Another Day Cuti. Another Day For A Morning Run. Pun I Started Late And It Was Really Is One Hot Day. Alhamdulillah Though It Was Another Enjoyful Run. So Now I'm Just Gonna Rest For Two Days. In Shaa Allah Sunday I'll Go For Another Session.

Had A Hair Cut Too. Handsome? Or Hengsam? Hahaha This Time I Changed Place. Not At My Usual Hair Stylist Pasalnya I Wasn't Satisfied With His Work. So Went To Another Saloon Named Phoenix. And i'm Very Happy With The Result. WalaupunAda Part Yang Menggunting Atu Aku Kambang Bulu Because Of The Way Ya Memegang Telingaku. I Mean Seriously Kalau Time Bergunting Ani Normal Straight Hair Stylist Would Only Hold Your Way The Normal Way i Must Say. But This Guy Haiyaaaaaaa Kambang Bulu Ku Bilanya Mengampai Tangannya Arah Telinga Ku Hahaha.

And Then Biasalah Tu Aaa. Malam Jumaat. And Of Coz Tahlil Night Di Lambak Kiri. Not Much To Share Though. Salnya I Went Crazy With The Cucur Pisang. I Got So Full I Just Lied Down On The Sofa And Watching Khasyi Playing With Tasha. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"5th Post of The Day.. I'm On Fire"

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