Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thursday And Friday 8th And 9th Of October

Usul Org Damam? Nada Usul? Nyahaha Actually I've Been Coughing Non Stop. And Then Its Just Getting Worst To The Point That My Chest Felt Tight Everytime I Cough. Babal Bah Dahak Atu. So That Thursday I Told My Parents. I'm Not Going To Bandar For Tahlil Night. Feeling Really Sicklish. So The Next Morning I Told My Dad. I'm Off To The Hospital After Sembahyang Jumaat. Well Around 3:15 Pm Lah Tu Aaa.

So When I Was In The TRIAGE I Told The Nurse That I Wanted A Nebulizer. Dada Ani Luan Kancang Meaning Kahak Di Dada Ku Atu Luan Kental. Hoping After Nebulizer Puff My Batuk Will Calm Down. Well For The First 30 Mins My Batuk Was Doing Alright. Nganya The Bad Thing About Accident And Emergency Clinic Is The Level Of Service. i Was Sitting There Waiting For My Number To Turns Up. The Most Annoying Thing Was That After Over Two Hours Of Waiting. Only Four Numbers Were Called Up. And That Really Annoyed Me.

Imagine Saja Ada This Boy I Believed He Suffered From Diarrhea. Walaupun Ya Aktif. Berapa Kali Ku Liat Ya Muntah Apa. And At One Point Bebau Tahi. As I Thought Terkirit. Baik Jua Berbawa Spare Seluar And He Was Already There Before Me. 

Antah Lah Semakin Canggih Sistem Hospital Ani Mcm Semakin Kurang Rasa Ku Session Antara Doktor And Patients Ani. I Know Its Accident And Emergency Saja Nda Sama Dengan Outpatient Ward But Service Was Just Poor. Sepatutnya Disediakan Tah Tampat Menunggu Khas Untuk Babies And Toddlers. I Know Di Bandar Ada Pasal I Saw A Friend Ig's Post. Can't We Have The Same In Every District.

And Then Untuk Sakit Yg Biasa Seperti Batuk Selesema Why Can't A Senior Nurse Saja Yang Do The Check Up. And Issue Ubat. Kenapa Mesti Berjumpa Dr. Di Klinik-klinik Mcm Sg Liang Bukan Doktor But Nurse Yang Do The Check Up. Lain Lah Kali Complicated Case Yang Perlu Perhatian Doktor. I Know Cakap Ani Sanang Saja. But These Are The Ways That Can Improve Waiting Time And Services. Ditampal Mesti Hormat Nurse And Doktor But Seriously Common Sense Lah. Anak Mu Yang Damit Ngusut. Datang Kul 8 Udah Kan Tgh Malam Baru Berjumpa Doktor. And Then Bila Udah Berjumpa. Doktor Sibuk Concentrate Menaip Ke Computer. Obviously You'll Get Annoyed And Aggravated. Memang Kluar Marah And Kata Kata Kesat. 

My Batuk Was Getting Worse And Numbur Patient Yang Kan Berjumpa Doktor Pun Menahan. I Texted My Sister Ambil Ku. And Then She Asked Me Siap Udah Kah? Told Her Duiiii Berjumpa Pun Alum. Kegilaan 2 Jam Labih Alum Bergarak. So I Told Her. Its 5:30 Pm Udah Lets Just Try Private Klinik. So Di Pandan When To Yong Clinic. Sunyi Nda Ramai Org. Then Register Myself As A First Timer Then After A Few Mins Boleh Sudah Jumpa Doktor. Told Her What Is My Problem. She Gave Me A Thorough Check. Banar Banar Ya Mendgr Makai Stethoscope Nya Trying To Hear Ada Kah Nda Wheezing Sound Dalam My Chest. The Kind Of Sound Org Ampus Buat. And Alhamdulillah Nada But My Batuk Was Really Bad. Told Her To Issue Me An Anti-Biotics. She Acknowledge And Then Kluar Nunggu Ubat Then Bayar My Bill Which Cost Me $35. 
And Guess What. From Registration To Consultation Then Waiting For My Meds And Paying The Bill. It Only Took Me Less Than 10 Mins. I KID U NOT! So Lapas Ani Kalau Batuk Damam. Baiktah Di Private Clinic Saja. Banarrrr.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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