Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monday The 26th Of October

Since Its Pay Day So Lets Treat The Family. Yes Awu Makan Luar Again!!!! Adang Eh Makan Luar Saja Bah These Last Few Days. But Heck Lets Just Eat Man.

My Meal. Nur Wanita's Pad Thai. TBH Macam Menyasal Jua Ku Ngorder Ani. Should Have Ordered Pad Thai Biasa Saja. So Over Price. Mun Nganya Sekadar Talor Atu Banar Tah.

Some Of The Menus That We Ordered That Night. Popiya Atu Is A Must. Ikang Atu Pun Is A Must.

Tom Yam Is A Must. Kalau Nda Tom Yam Di Order Kompom Durang Order Apa Namanya Tu Sweet Corn Soup.

Verdict? Boleh Lah Nganya Probably Over Fried But Hey I'm Not Complaining. All Season's Tasted Better Though.

Re-Ordering Green Curry. Remember Hari Atu Masa Kami Makan Di Aqil Syafi Kah Namanya. Restoran Tailan Di Jodong Ahh. Much Better Here In Nur Wanita. The Curry Is A Bit Thick Bukannya Cair Macam Di Aqil And I Really Enjoy This.

And Of Course Ikan Sweet And Sour. Its A Must For My Parents. Di Mestikan. Lauk Lauk Lauk.

The Face That U Made When Your Fish Is Gone. Nyaa Haa Haa Cali!

Nya Babu. Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Cukup Seekong! Adang Adang Hahahahahhaha. Well I Just Made This Up Plang.

Burppppppppppppp Alhamdulillah. Super Duper Full. Need To Run It Off Straight After To The Car Park.

Thank You Nur Wanita Its Been Awhile Since We've Been Here. Satisfied As Usual.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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