Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Sunday 21st Of May 2017

This Weekend Kami Nda Balik Kb Since My In Law Side Mengadakan Majlis Tahlil Arwah. And Of Course Yours Truly Lah Jadi Tukang Bacanya Hehehe.

Ustat Mode On Haha Ada Usul Kah Tu Aku Ah. Hehehehe But In All Seriousness Alhamdulillah Kerana Telah Diberikan Kepercayaan Oleh Keluarga My In Law Untuk Mengepalai Bacaan Tahlil Dan Doa Arwah. Its Really Is An Honour To Do So.

This Year Acara Diadakan Di Mangrove. Hmmmmm This Remind Me Of My Sweet Memories Jadi Raja Sehari.

And Of Course The Date Itself Is The 21st Meaning Its Our 9th Month As Husband And Wife. So We Grabbed My Wife's Nephew And Went For A Short Photo shoot.

Re-doing That Post-Wedding Shot Hahaha.

One Of My Fave Egg Tart.

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