Monday, May 15, 2017

But Why?

11:53 Am, My Wife Is Fast Asleep. And Somehow My Eyes Are Wide Open. So Izinkan Aku Ramble On Sikit. Sambil Sambil Nunggu Ngantuk Mata Ani.

We Lived In A Strange Time Mo Masa Ani. We Lived In A Time Where We Openly Judge Others Based On What They Did. Someone Did Something Different. Boom Ucapkan. 

Having A Different Of Opinion Is Always Good. It Means We Are Capable Of Dissecting Information And Also Able To Use Our Thinking Skills. Though For Saying That, It Must Be Always Put In A Positive Atmosphere.

I Do Believe Social Media Has Managed To Change Our Mind Set To The Point That We Have Become An Insensitive Fool. We Love To Dish Out Insults But Can't Never Take One On Our Chin.

Just Take A Few Examples For An Instance. I Saw One Guy Happily Take A Dig At All Those "Done Iftar, Done Tarawikh" Posts. And When I Saw This I Was Like Ya Allah Dude. Ramadhan Is Not Even Here Yet And You're Taking A Punt. And I Know He Really Meant Well But Come On Man. Hidayah Allah Datang Dalam Bermcm Cara.

Another One Example. This One Makes Me Cringe. Yes We Live In A Time Where The Amount Of Information Is Bloody A Lot And Fast. Whether Its Accurate Or Not That Was Never A Priority. We Loved Shared Interesting Stories Of Actors And Actresses That We Adore But To Be Too Obsess To The Point That We Became Overly Judgemental Was Bloody Idiotic. We As A Fan Will Never Ever Learned The Real Stories First Hand. Yet Nasty Things Was Said And Sadly We Invite Others To Share Our Nasty Thoughts, IN PUBLIC.

And Then Since Today Was Mother's Day. I Really Hated It When People Said. Owh I Don't Celebrate Mother's Day Because As A Muslim Everyday Is Mother's Day. It Was Certainly Not Wrong But Really??? Just Saying Happy Mother's Day To Your Mom Will Definitely Make Her Feel Good. Knowing Their Children Appreciate Them. A Good Child Regardless Of What Religion You Follows, Heck Even If You're A Free Thinker Will Always Wish The Best For Their PARENTS! At The End Of The Day If You Choose To Share Or Not Then Its All Up To You. And To Me Personally Its Ok. But Why Belittle Others Yang Choose To Share?? Awu Banar Ibu Kitani Ada Yang Nda Terdpt Social Media. I Get It. Still Org Lain Nda Tau Indung Durg Atu Connected Or Not On Social Media. =)

The Meme Above Seems Fitting With What I'm Rambling About. Please Don't Get Me Wrong. I Am Not Saying I'm Better Than Anyone Of You. I'm Not But God Gave Us A Brain To Think, Compassion To Show. Why Can't We Choose To Be A Nice Person. We Need To Teach To Free Ourselves From Those Judgemental Sentiments. And Even If We Had A Few Thoughts (I Know I Am). Just Keep It To Ourselves. As A Friends Once Shared His Mom's Advice. "Di Luar Sana Org Jahat Banyak. Be One Of The Good Guys"

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