Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Tuesday 16th Of May 2017

Majal Jua Aku Atu Aaa Still Insisting On Reporting About This Stretch Of Road Hahahahah. Sasak Ku Bah Yang Banar Org Majal Ani. See Even Aku Ahir Jalan Today Still I Managed To Send My Wife To Work On Time. And Then Stopped By At The Office For Number 2. Sakit Paot Ku Bah.

And This Morning My Project Start So I Spent The Morning At CIC Building In Beribi And Guess What? I've Arrived 10 Mins After 8 Way Before The Contractor Arrived. Nah Nah Nah Nah Nahhhhhhhhh Hahahahahhahaha.

As Well As Enjoying The Breakfast That My Wife Made. Fried Udon Noodles With Chicken. Sedap!

Dijadikan Cerita While I Was Waiting For The Contractor To Return From Buying All The Materials Needed. The SUT From EIDPMO Was Visiting The Job Centre Office Next Door. And When He Saw The Place Was Open He Stopped By For A Short Visit. When He Enters He Asked Me Kenapa Baru Start With The Work. Told Him That Baru Yesterday The PO Was Approved And Signed. And Late Afternoon Baruku Informed The Contractors. Then He Asked Me Bila Boleh The Start Up Move In. Told Him I Will Push The Contractors Untuk Siapkan The Works By The End Of The Week Then Its Up To The Management. He Seems Happy With My Answer And He Said Bah Get It Done! Phew Wadi! I'm Not Trying To Brag But With My Pay Scale Ahh Udahh Lah Yang Penting The Boss Had The Confidence To Let Me Handle This Task.

Haa Haa Haa. Went To Taman Jubli For A Jog. Wife Didn't Joined. Otw Back To Sg Tampoi The Sun Was Shining Bright Hence The Shade Face. Keh Keh Keh.

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