Thursday, May 11, 2017

Post Campur

Post Campur Taus Since Nada Banyakkan Di Share.

Tuesday 2nd Of May.

Kinda Craving For Seama Kuey Teow From Jing Chew. So Ambil Kelainan Lah For Lunch. I Told My Wife Lets Go To Jing Chew. And Voila Yay! Had This For Lunch. Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday 3rd Of May.

Gotta The Feeling That My Anti Body Was Weak. Mudah Saja Damam Lately And My Batuk Pun Bebalik So I Bought This To Up The Zinc In My Body.

I Shared This Photo Arah My Family Group Chat. I Told My Dad Yang Ever Since Aku Ke CIC Building Last Week. Aku KO Berabis. Badan Yang Sehat Taus Taus Damam. To The Point That Paning All The Time And Then Boleh Time Malam Ujan Labat My Wife Tidur Kesajukkan Aku Kepanasan To The Point Aku Ber Spendet Saja Tidur. I Know That Place Ber Hama. And Then Stuffy Dalamnya But Somehow Aku Nda Nyaman Rasa Badan. Yatah Nya My Mum My Eyes Looks Different And My Face Looks Different. Antah Lah Aaa See It The Way U Want It And Believe What U Want Hehe.

My Friend's Project Is Coming Along Nicely. Really Love To Find Out How This Looks Like When Its Done.

Balik Umah And Saw This Bubbly Girl So Beranti Tah Sekajap Membawa Kedia Bermain Hehehehe.

When You Were Invited To A Make Shift Group Chat Pasal Well Ada Kang Ku Cerita Lah Aaa In Coming Posts. Ketawa Jua Ku Meliat Status Ku Atu. My Name Is Wadi Lah. Tak Ke Dung Disssssss.

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