Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Friday 19th Of May 2017

Ah Finally Friday. Its Been Quite A Busy Work And I Was Told By My Colleague Today Was Even Busier. I Said Bring It On. Made The Weekend Felt Well Earned!

Last Day Of Work Here. Well Kinda The Cleaners Need To Turn Up On Saturday To Clean Up The Area That Was Being Used By The Contractor. They're Just Doing Some Touch Up Works But I Do Insist Them To Clean Up Afterwards. Nda Tah Kira Walaupun Ada Cleaner Kan Membersihkan Kawasan Atu. Namanya Barang Atu Udah Termasuk Dalam Job Description Nda Ku Kira Hehehe. 

Done Here I Was Kinda Thinking Sama Ada Untuk Balik Ke Rumah Or Ke Opis. Well Opis It Is Then.

Time For Solat Jumaat With Musdi. Hari Ani Aku Ikut His DS3 Boy I Do Love This Car So Much!

Bertukar Meja So Everyone Berusah And As A Result Of That Aku Batuk Hahahahaha. Biasalah Berhabuk Bro Kawasan Aaaa. Now Our Tables Looks Like This Macam Meja Sekulah But It Does Look Smarter Than The Old Setting. Nganya Ani Pun Kira Sementara Jua Ni Since Soon Our Own Cubicles Will Arrive. And These Tables Will Be Used By Others. Kan Berusah Lagi!

Akhir Jua Nah Ku Balik Sekali Ani!

My Wife Told Me Ada Extras Pies Kan Di Jual. Did A Few Sharing On The Whatsapp Groups. I Found One And Durg Found One So I Went Out That Friday Night Doing Some Deliveries Hehehe. Weekend Baby!

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