Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Monday 15th Of May 2017

Ahhhhh Back To Work After A Good 9 Days Holiday. I Was Feeling Super Fresh Jua Owh Thank God. Berapa Bulan Pindah Ke Bandar Ani Lalah Ehhhhhh Ada Saja Kan Di Buat. Even I Told My Wife About This. Probably I Need To Take A Leave From Work Every 3 Months. To Recharge My Body Hehehe.

I Really Don't Get It Bah When People Complained Pasal The Fly Over At Jangsak Atu Didn't Solve The Traffic Jam Problem. Well For Me It Does. Travelling Time From Home In Sg Tampoi To Workplace Has Been Cut Down Quite Dramatically. Hahahaha Banar Nda Ku Berpadah Just Take This As An Example Lah Ahh. Left Home At 6:50 Am And Aku Sampai Opis Tuuu Nah Liat Saja Jam Aa. Atu Nda Awal. Org Yang Komplen Atu Org Yang Selalu Turun Ahir Tu Yth Caught In The Traffic. And Yes I Do Get It Some People Ada Yang Ngantar Anak Sekolah Dulu Apa But Come On Bagi Org Yang Selalu Lalu Jangsak It Wasn't That Bad. Though For Saying That The Achilles Heal For That Stretch Of Road Has Now Moved To Roundabout Beribi. Sana Yang Hold Up Traffic Berabis. They Need To Re-Configure The Time Saja Lagi Tu. Of Course Awal Pagi Ada Polis Yang Direct Traffic Di Sana. Still They Won't Be Standing There All Day Long. Nda Ja?

Not Really Much To Share Jua On That Day. Menyantai Saja Most Morning Since Aku Baru Balik Keraja Hehehe Then Patang Atu My Wife Membawa Membali Barang Dapur Di Hua Ho ANd Kejumpaan Titin Yang Tengah Shopping Dengan Babu And Kakak Dierrr. So Taus Lah Kami Bergambar. Good To See You Sis Its Been Awhile!

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